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Jay Carney Is Amazon’s New VP of Corporate Affairs

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has spent the last year as a contributor to CNN, but now he’s stepping back into the realm of PR. Politico reports that Amazon has tapped Carney to be the new Senior Vice President for Worldwide Corporate Affairs. It’s a new position – one that will put the company’s public relations and public …

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Lyft Has Best Week Ever After Uber’s Run of Bad PR

Uber hasn’t had a good few months, PR wise – and the past couple of weeks have been brutal. When one of your executives says that the company should start digging up dirt on journalists who criticize the company, well, it’s bound to generate some bad press. And then when one of your execs actually does breach privacy and access …

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Uber Exec Under Fire for Using ‘God View’ to Track Journalist

In the wake of an Uber VP’s comments about possibly digging up user data and using it against critical journalists and the absolute crapstorm that followed, Uber says that it is investigating its top NYC exec for privacy violations. According to BuzzFeed, Uber New York General Manager used Uber’s internal ability to watch over all Uber activity, referred to as …

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George Zimmerman Rescues Family; They Refuse Press

Ever since his acquittal in the murder/manslaughter trial that held the nations attention for weeks, George Zimmerman has been in hiding. While there are a considerable number of people who think Zimmerman acted in a defensible manner, and are happy that he was acquitted, there are just as many, perhaps even more, who disagree vehemently with the “not guilty” verdict …

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Facebook Is “Building” Something, Will Unveil It Next Week

Facebook isn’t at CES, which is taking place right now (neither is Apple, Amazon, or Google for that matter). But that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have a big announcement in the works. We, like most tech press, just received an invite to a special Facebook media event less than one week from today. The event will take place …

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Sweden Looks To Spark Curiosity With “Democratic” Twitter Account

In what is being called the “world’s most democratic Twitter account,” Swedish citizens are given the opportunity to run the country’s PR for an entire week through @Sweden. The project is dubbed Curators of Sweden, and in just about a month of existence has more than doubled the country’s official Twitter presence. Here’s how it works. Every week, a new …

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What Groupon Won’t Talk About

Groupon Founder and CEO Andrew Mason wrote a post on the company’s official blog about the things Groupon will not be transparent about. 

"As press interest in Groupon has grown, I’ve found myself increasingly uttering two words that have always annoyed me: ‘no comment,’" says Mason. "We like to be as transparent with our customers as possible, but, just as people don’t walk around naked, there are some things that we as a company don’t talk about (for obvious reasons)."

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BusinessWire to Give Businesses More Ways to Increase Press Coverage

BusinessWire, the popular newswire service, is set to launch some new services for businesses and organizations next month. These are the NewsHQ online newsroom and the InvestorHQ investor center.

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AOL and Time Warner Officially Splitting Up

Sometimes, what looks like it will be as tasty as chocolate and peanut butter, ends up tasting more like pickles and ice cream. Nothing matches that last culinary disaster better than the merger of AOL and Time Warner.

Well, on December 9th, that union will be no more.

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Associated Press To Crack Down On Scraping

I long ago gave up trying to get spammers to "cease and desist" their scraping of Marketing Pilgrim’s content–I never was much good at playing whack-a-mole.

Well, it appears that The Associated Press loves carnival games as the NYT reports the news organization is determined to put an end to the scraping of its content.

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Is Your Press Center Holding Back Marketing Opportunities?

Covering industry news, naturally I read a lot of press releases. Sometimes they’re sent directly to me or our news team as a whole, sometimes I find them online through PR wires, and sometimes I will find them on the companies’ websites.

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How Exclusive Sponsorships Can Backfire

There is a myth in marketing today that many people blindly believe about sponsoring events … that you always need exclusivity. The benefits of being an exclusive sponsor are easy to list, but there are some less considered negative aspects that could end up doing more harm to your brand than good. Let’s look at the stories of a worldwide Olympic sponsor for whom the strategy of being an exclusive sponsor may not be such a good idea … Visa.

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