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Rick Santorum Launches New Hashtag to Get Away from Own Name

Rick Santorum is nothing if not persistent. Despite having his own name dragged through the mud in retaliation for equating being gay with bestiality, the former Senator from Pennsylvania is plastering it all over yard signs again. Rick Santorum was famously targeted by radio host Dan Savage with a much-publicized effort to redefine his name. But he bounced back to …

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Hillary Clinton Presidential Ambitions Started Early, Says New Book

Some people wonder if Hillary Clinton is going to run for president in 2016. Some people have no doubt that she will be running. But some people say that she has been planning for this race for decades. In a new book titled Clinton, Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding Of A Political Machine by Daniel Halper, the author outlines his case …

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Elizabeth Warren: Could She Run? Could She Win?

Senator Elizabeth Warren seems to have exploded out of nowhere, much like another young senator did in 2008. Warren was a Harvard Law School professor who specialized in bankruptcy law. She wrote two books about the effect of debt and the changing economy on middle class Americans. Her knowledge on the topic of how the middle class is shrinking in …

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Ted Nugent 2016: Rocker for President?

Ted Nugent, who’s made something of a late career out of serially threatening to run for elected office (see: Michigan governorship 2006, 2010), is thinking about the big prize. “Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for President,” he recently told the Washington Post. Okay, so he’s probably not serious. But he’s had …

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