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Effective and Memorable Award Presentations

A lot of otherwise exceptional recognition opportunities come undone at the point of delivery. Organizations devote time, money, and effort to recognizing employee achievement, yet when it comes to presenting the award, the potential to add meaning and impact goes unfulfilled. For example, a top engineer receives an achievement award for technical excellence, which is presented to him by the CEO at a quarterly managers’ luncheon.

“5 Ways to Make Your Presentations Sizzle”

1. If you’re currently using visual aids, stop for a while. It’s really easy to try and let the slides give the presentation, which just doesn’t work well. Try giving a speech without them; it forces you to focus on your technique.

Powerful Presentations Build Your Business

You’ve set up a meeting with a potential client. You’ve dressed appropriately, your shoes are shined. You’ve got your portfolio and your business cards, and you have an idea of what you want out of the meeting. In a word: you want business.

Polished Presentations

Do you spend money on a product if the presentation looks unprofessional? Case in point: As my husband and I approached a small family restaurant, I spotted two hand-scrawled signs in the window: Help Wanted. Cook Wanted.

Presentations That Sell

Unfortunately, many presentations causes the prospect to quickly lose interest and say something like, “Lemme think about it. I’ll call you.” And, most of the time, they don’t. We think we did a good job but now the prospect doesn’t return our calls and all indications point to “no sale.” Where did we go wrong?

There were likely a few things we missed; mistake that many salespeople commonly fall prey to during their presentations. Here are a few suggestions that will help you increase the impact of your presentations, keep your prospect’s attention and increase the probability of closing the sale:

10 Tips for Winning Sales Presentations

The sales presentation is your chance to show and tell, but it’s not all show and tell. You also need to think strategically about the customer’s buying process and their needs, your competitors’ offerings and why your solution is best. Here are 10 keys to planning a delivering a winning sales presentation.