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Is Apple copying Microsoft?

OK, I just watched the Steve Jobs presentation yesterday where he demonstrated iTV for the first time.

Ajax Defined A Look Back
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Web development has changed dramatically over the past year with the implementation of Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, also known as Ajax.

Notes on Microsoft Presentation at Where 2.0
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From Where 2.0, notes from Stepen Lawler’s Microsoft presentation…

Oracle OpenWorld – OAUG Call for Presentations

I got a mail from the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) the other day informing me of their call for papers for Oracle OpenWorld, being run at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA USA from October 22-26, 2006.

Yahoo Analyzes Itself, And Applauds

During Yahoo’s Analyst Day, company executives emphasized the unique qualities Yahoo possesses in combination that its competitors do not.

Cool Stuff for Developers Over on Scotts Blog

Scott Guthrie is a general manager at Microsoft. One thing I like is his blog. It’s been getting more and more popular with developers over the past few months.

Personal Blogging Clarified

Visiting the blog of Amazon.com’s Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels, to read his account of a presentation at Amazon by Naked Conversations authors Shel Israel and Robert Scoble (some very interesting commentaries about that – link at Memeorandum), I spotted the clearest employee blog disclaimer I’ve yet seen.

Google Techtalks

Lauren Weinstein posted a video of a presentation he made at Google a few weeks ago and I noticed he made reference to the search phrase “Google techtalks” on Google Video.

Live Labs Presentation By Dr. Gary Flake

A warning: The first half of this post was liveblogging, which is an uneven and sometimes confusing style. If you find yourself getting bored, just skip ahead to the meat of it where I bolded a few words.

Trying a New Approach to Presentations

Several years ago, I saw a presentation at a conference in which the presenter used web pages in a browser instead of Powerpoint (or any of its kin).

Russell is SSSSOOOO Right About Mobile Usage

Having a great cell phone with a nice screen changes your life. And your usage habits.

Opportunities 2006 – Integration

2006 is going to be a year where the creators of web technology have the opportunity to make their services better in terms of integration, usability, and usefulness.

Gaining Street Cred In The Blogosphere

The blogosphere’s a scary place for corporate America. It’s unruly. It’s wild. But one thing’s for sure, it can’t be ignored, and big companies are going to have to dismount from their high horses and get to street level.

Radio Research Firm Predicts Podcasting Growth

Bridge Ratings, which conducts research focused on radio, sees a bright future for podcasting.

eBay on Skype – Power of 3

Listening to eBay’s investor conference call last night which took place to discuss eBay’s acquisition of Skype …

How to Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually
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Converting PowerPoint to Flash would absolutely be a good choice to distribute your bulky PowerPoint Presentation.

Blogs Now Part of the Marketing Strategy

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in …

Context For Your Blog

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in, take a look at the presentations from WOMMA Summit 2005. The focus is obviously word-of-mouth marketing, and blogs are just one tool from that perspective. But many of the speakers did talk about blogs as part of their strategies.

Video Learning About Trackbacks and del.icio.us

You all know what trackbacks are, right? The pings that you set up between a post on your blog with a post on someone else’s blog in order to link the two …

Lunchtime Blogging Presentation by Charlene Li

Forrester analyst and blogger Charlene Li spoke to a packed room of marketing, PR, and other interested folks today at Yahoo.

A Peek at Disney’s Blog and RSS Plans

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman and Mike Pusateri from the Walt Disney Company will be giving …