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Viacom Eyes 24 Hour Broadband CBS News Presence

CBS News and its digital media counterpart will create a 24-hour news network that will be available exclusively online.

New Business Alliances Deepen Albridge Solutions Presence in Market Space

Albridge Solutions (formerly StatementOne Inc.) has strengthened its position as the principal provider of financial reporting, accounting and data solutions among financial institutions and independent brokers as new clients and business alliances deepen Albridge’s presence in the market space.

Advanced Hosting for the Mission Critical Web Presence

As companies that conduct their business online have proliferated, hosting of those websites that provide the primary point of contact for transaction of business has become highly mission critical; having these sites go offline or perform poorly not only loses revenue but also detracts from the company’s image and loses customer loyalty.

GoogleGuy Says: Google’s Forum Posts

GoogleGuy appears at the WebMasterWorld forums and talks with members about Google’s constant changes. He can’t tell all of Google’s secrets, but he does offer some crumbs, and the occasional banquet, of search engine optimization wisdom.

Considerations For a Portal Site with Search Engine Presence

A client of mine is developing a large portal site using Oracle 9i AS and has asked me whether this program will have any effect on the search engine presence that their site already maintains. Can you tell me whether there are any issues I have to consider in optimising this site for the search engines (above the normal considerations) and what limitations the software might bring in this area.

Many thanks indeed for any help you can give.
Yours faithfully
Rachel S.

The Number One Reason For a Web Presence

Someone once asked in the Marketing Challenge Private Site’s discussion forums, “What’s the number one reason a business should have a web presence?” This is a fascinating question because, very often, many businesses (particularly with those I’ve consulted in my practice) have no clue as to why they are online. Yes, it is a new medium that’s affordable, more effective and wrought with opportunity — especially for smaller businesses.

How to Market Your Website by Creating a Web Presence

Have you been worried about the dot-com crash and the future of your website?

Establishing Your Web Presence

Part of the success of most home-based businesses is their web presence. After all, you want to benefit from the global exposure, reduced marketing expenses, and low entry costs. But to receive those benefits, you must first get your web site off the ground which means you need to select an effective domain name and find reliable web hosting.

How To Establish YOUR Successful Web Presence

There are many ways to establish your web presence. In this article I would like to mention one of the ways to start and establish a successful web presence. I am not going to talk about becoming a reseller but a fully, properly working, financially independent and successful netpreneur.

12 Reasons Why A Business Without An Online Presence Is Missing Out On A Goldmine Of Potential Customers.

Marketing on the Internet is not really a choice anymore, but has almost become a necessity in today’s marketplace. No company can afford to ignore the fact that online marketing is now a multi-billion-dollar business. Those businesses without an online presence are missing out on a goldmine of potential customers.