Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search

Small Biz Has An Attitude About Search

By WebProNews Staff September 26, 2007 | 6 Comments

Though the small and medium business (SMB) market has a handle on the importance of a website, nearly six out of ten are not actively doing search or other types of online marketing.

Did Jaiku Tip the Tuna?
Did Jaiku tip the tuna Sunday?  Leo Laporte  jumped ship from Twitter to Jaiku, his 4,000 followers followed. 

Travelocity: 96% Of ROI From Branded SEM

Travelocity’s chief marketing officer Jeffrey Glueck recently spilled out some ROI numbers on paid search that has the industry buzzing. Glueck said 96 percent of Travelocity’s conversions came from branded keywords used for paid search.

Know Thy Market: Beyond The Click-Through

In marketing, with few exceptions, there’s no umbrella or blanket model that can be applied. Even if Coca-Cola’s omnipresent branding has worked over the decades because soft drinks are for everybody, most products are intended for select groups of buyers, target markets, with different motivations.

The New Frontier: YouTube Optimization

Search engines have been around long enough for traffic-minded marketers to whittle down SEO and SEM to a near science – okay, an exact science sans the key algorithm variable. But what is known about optimizing video content on YouTube? Next to nothing, that’s what.

That doesn’t stop the especially enterprising from trying to figure it out before the traditional advertising companies do, though. As far as the SEM community goes, they may soon claim YouTube optimization (or video optimization if you prefer) as their inherent turf.

Presence – Useful For Webinars?

Line56 published an article Monday talking about presence becoming a more important part of IBM’s collaborative environment.

Second Life insights

One of the earliest adopters of Second Life in the PR community was the Text 100 agency who established their virtual presence three months ago.

Attention on Second Life

It’s coming thick and fast now – commentary and news on which business is doing what in Second Life.

VON: IM The State Of Presence

Instant messaging technology received a panel’s attention during pulvermedia’s Fall 2006 VON conference, as reps from the heavy Internet hitters discussed presence and its place at the core of IM with voice communications.

SES: It’s Not Persuasion; It’s Presence

Our trusty Doug Caverly woke up this morning on California time and hoofed down to the Search Behavior Research track at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. After grooving a little too much to the Radiohead intro, Doug relays insight from Yahoo’s Anne Frisbie.

Yahoo! Messenger Still Not IM 2.0

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice now includes plug-ins “designed to let people to do things like track eBay auctions, see friends’ wish lists on Amazon.com, collaborate real-time on event planning and compare calendars with contacts” (via ZDNet).

Yahoo Research Whips Up Video Remixer

The tool created by Yahoo Research Berkeley for International Remix on the San Francisco International Film Festival website gives visitors a way to remix selections of films created by directors from around the world.

Building your Virtual Presence

Back in December 05, I had to prepare for a presentation on “websites and technology” to a room full of campaign folks. There wasn’t a lot of direction on what they wanted me to cover.

Microsofts Internet Presence

Many constantly hail new developments by Google and Yahoo. Nearly every day, the two companies offer some sort of new development for their portal services. Some industry watchers have counted Microsoft out of the Internet market for the most part, suggesting they’re choosing to bow out of the war. Here’s the secret though, they’ve already won the Internet war.

Four Communities Getting An AIM Presence
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America Online has focused on blogging and community sites, and secured deals that make AIM the preferred or exclusive IM provider on them; it’s a series of shrewd moves that enhances the value of AOL’s advertising strategies.

Wanted: A Grittier Online Presence

TNT will debut a new crime series called “Wanted” on July 31, and tabbed Atlanta-based Studiocom to provide a web-based interactive presence.

Ads Becoming Massive Presence In Games

New York-based Massive Inc., a provider of the first video game network, can deliver in-game ads with full video and sound.