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Mahalo To Curate Web Search

Substantial buzz has accompanied Jason Calacanis’ startup debut of Mahalo, a search site with human editors refining the results for the currently 4,000 top search terms.

Mahalo To Curate Web Search
“Mahalo To Curate Web Search”
Mahalo To Curate Web Search
PreFound: Google Notebook Infringes On Patent

A patent on hyperlinking filed by search site PreFound’s parent company, iLOR, has led to a lawsuit against Google for infringement.

PreFound Search Engine Releases New Site

PreFound announced today that they are releasing a new version of their "community-oriented" search engine. New enhancements to PreFound include:

PreFound Enters Its Blue Period

The relaunch of the people-powered PreFound search service goes a little farther than the color scheme shift from orange to blue.

PreFound Sets Tagging To Automatic

Collaborative vocabulary, or collabulary, could make online content into a much more accessible repository by virtue of standardizing how content is tagged by its users.

PreFound Hosting Social Network Roundtable

The PreFound.com social search engine plans to hold a Kentucky Derby Roundtable with several notable guests venturing to the Bluegrass State to discuss social communities and search.

PreFound Offers Ad Revenue To Top Finders

Finders in PreFound.com’s system of tagging and sharing online content will receive 100 percent of the ad revenue generated by their user pages on the community-oriented search engine.

PreFound Sharing Revenue With Topic Experts

People who join the community-oriented search engine PreFound.com can apply to be Featured Finders and get all the Google AdSense revenue derived from their PreFound pages.

PreFound Brings Revenue Share to Social SE

The social search engine, Prefound announced today that it will begin sharing revenue with topic experts to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information on specific topics of interest to the PreFound.com community.

Prefound.com Finds It First

The company behind the Hydralinks technology has moved its user-generated content search engine into public view.