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Facebook Introduces Preferred Marketing Developer Program Facebook Introduces Preferred Marketing Developer Program
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Facebook has offered two programs – the Preferred Developer Consultant and the Marketing API Program – over the past three years that have helped brands work with developers on Facebook specific campaigns. It appears to have been a wildly successful …

Facebook Expands Preferred Developer Program
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Four months ago, Facebook launched something called the Preferred Developer Consultant Program in an effort to point companies and celebrities towards the best developers.  Now, the program’s taking an important leap forward as Facebook’s more than tripled the number of recommended developers.

Facebook Directs Companies, Celebs To Preferred Developers

As you read this, the inboxes of 14 Facebook developers may be reaching the breaking point.  You see, Facebook’s decided to launch something it calls the Preferred Developer Consultant Program, and these lucky developers are the first to receive the social network’s official endorsements.