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Why Online Video Will Keep Growing Like a Weed
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As you probably know, online video has become quite a hot medium, and the rate at which people view it continues to increase. This is not surprising considering the year we had last year in online video. This year certainly started off with a boom as well as a famous super bowl ad truly introduced the world to Hulu.

Recent research from Nielsen shows that in May, unique visitors, total streams, streams per viewer, and time per viewer were all up compared to the same month in 2008. There was a 49% increase in time per viewer.

Google’s Prophecies for the Web
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Jonathan Rosenberg of GoogleLast night, Google’s SVP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg posted something of a state of the Internet address on the Official Google Blog. In this post, he made four predictions for the web:

Gartner: Open Source To Be Widely Popular By 2012

Like eating fruits and vegetables or building lighter cars, open-source technology seemed like the sort of good idea that would always go ignored.  But according to Gartner, elements of open-source technology will be present in 80 percent of all commercial software by the year 2012.

Search Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2008

We recently ran a Reader Poll asking what the hot search marketing trends will be for 2008.

The new year is here and we now have good enough sample of votes cast (78) to share what Online Marketing Blog readers are thinking:

 What will be the big stories in search marketing in 2008?

The WebProNews 2008 Predictions List

Prognostications are the last can of chicken noodle soup in every writer’s cupboard, and we have a bowl of them for you.