Tablet Shipments to Reach 381M in 2017

Tablet Shipments to Reach 381M in 2017

By Sean Patterson August 9, 2013

Though the tablet market slowed down during this year’s second quarter, the market is still expected to grow significantly for the foreseeable future. Android tablet shipments alone have doubled in just the past year. Analyst firm Forrester Research is now …

The Future Of Search Marketing In 2009
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The countdown is on. Only a handful of sleeps until 2009 and of course the predictions are flowing thick and fast. The experts are gazing into their crystal balls and sharing their visions for 2009 in terms of search, social, online, mobile and marketing in general.

I’ve pulled together a list of the best predictions I’ve uncovered so far and detailed them below. (if I’ve missed any – share them via our comments, and I’ll add them in).

Spam Worsens, Broadens As Computer Threat

The increasing volume of spam isn’t the only problem plaguing computer users, as varied threats make clicking the most innocent appearing link a potential attack vector.

Facebook Founder Prediction on Google

At CTIA Wireless IT recently, facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz was on stage and left us with an interesting message as he closed his keynote session.

2011: Net Replaces Papers As Top Ad Medium

Call it 2011: The Print Odyssey as the Internet shunts newspapers aside over the next four years as the largest medium for ads.

Truthiness Comes To Viacom
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The irony is so thick, it’s smothering. Viacom, who sued Google for a billion dollars over copyright infringement, is now being sued by MoveOn.org and the Electronic Frontier Foundation for not understanding the very Fair Use principles the network relies on for its own parodies on "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report."

Why CEOs Must Be Involved in Lead Generation

I’d like this article, “Sales and The CEO,” by Jeff Thull author of Mastering the Complex Sale.

Mark Cuban’s Lessons for Revolutionaries

Regulars here know that I am a huge Mark Cuban fan.

Google Accidentally Reveals Revenue Prediction

Google accidentally left in notes that discussed predictions of revenue for the next year in the Powerpoint for last week’s Analyst Day. As a result, Google had to file a Form 8-K disclosure report with the SEC.

Mobile Search: Coming to a Screen near You

The New Year has ushered in a number of high-profile partnerships in the mobile search space, confirming our prediction last summer that as go the major search engines, so goes mobile search.

Prediction: Marketing And Lead Generation Dashboards Will Likely Be A Hot Topic

As marketing performance management (MPM) evolves, I anticipate that marketing and lead generation dashboards will likely be a hot topic.

CMT Pays Man $100K Salary to Blog

CNN Money reports that Country Music Television has signed Chris Nelson to a one-year $100,000 deal to watch reruns of “The Dukes of Hazzard” on the cable channel and write blog postings for the network’s Web site.

My Google Portal Prediction Comes True

I’m not the type to toot my own horn all that often but sometimes it can be fun. Like when I make a prediction about the future business development path …

Gates’ Prediction On iPods Works For Me

There’s a lot of discussion over Bill Gates’ prediction that cell phones will eventually displace the iPod as the media player of choice.

Oil Prices Up After Prediction of Huge Rise

Oil prices shot upward after Goldman Sachs predicted that they will rise to $105 a barrel.

Vertical Search Prediction Challenged

Tom Evslin says that Jupiters prediction that Search will go the same way as TV did … from several major channels to 100’s of specialized ones …

Google Algorithm Clues?

In an effort to impress job-seeking scientists with the quality of their intellectual community, Google recently published some of the academic papers written by their search scientists.