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Google Changes to No-Follow on the Horizon?
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We made a video at SMX Advanced with Stephen Spencer recently where we discussed (among other things) some changes expected(?) to be coming to Google in terms of the no-follow attribute.  These no-follow changes have some pretty significant implications for lots of things, first and foremost though it seems these changes are specifically geared to mitigate, to some degree, the effectiveness of PR sculpting.

Does PR Sculpting Work?
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Well I am sure you have heard of PR hoarding or PR Sculpting by way of the nofollow attribute before, but do they work? Simple answer for me is I don’t know. Do you? I would love to hear from you on this thread then.

Please explain to me why millions of websites rank fine without doing this and now all of sudden we should start doing this? Is this to help our websites? Is it to help Google crawl our websites? Will our websites suffer if we don’t do this? I would answer no to most of these questions.