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Microsoft May Acquire 24/7 Real Media
Having missed out on the chance to buy DoubleClick, and then watched Yahoo pick up the Right Media, Microsoft is feeling a little left out of the party.

SES Goodies

Well, it took me 5 days to post that I am back from the SES show in NYC. (Can I be “back” if I live in NYC?”) Anyway, below are a few ideas, tips, reminders, etc that were mentioned at the SES show.

AdWords Yellow Background – PPC Disaster?

And so Google AdWords is testing yellow background for paid ads in their search results. Quite a few marketers are happy about it but I find my self saying … “this will lower the CTR”. Quite a few agree;

Why to Bid on Your Own Name in a PPC Campaign
A question that comes up a lot is whether it’s cost effective having your company name and your brand names as keywords in a pay per click campaign. It can seem as though it isn’t necessary especially if your website ranks highly for these keywords in the natural search listings.

What PPC Agencies Don’t Want You to Know

I just published a new article, called "The 5 Secrets PPC Agencies Don’t Want You to Know". This article is part of  Search Engine Land’s new Strictly Business column, which covers topics related to B2B search marketing.

Investing in PPC Marketing or SEO – a Company Decision

 As click costs rise, many companies who are already investing in active pay per click marketing campaigns are looking toward hiring a search engine optimization company to supplement their marketing portfolio in order to increase their exposure and reduce their advertising spend. 

How PPC Ads Influence Site Conversion

When marketers talk about great PPC ad copy, they often refer to a high CTR (click through rate). Usually it’s a pretty valid indicator of an eye catching ad. Unfortunately many think that getting people to click on the PPC ad and getting them to convert to a sale are completely separate targets.

You’ll be surprised how much effect your ad copy has on your conversion rate.

What Everyone Should Know About Yahoo Panama

With the end of 2006 Yahoo! officially uncovered the commonly known Panama Update. Since that time the accounts are being upgraded from the older systems to this fresh system. Not all the accounts have been upgraded, however, it is expected the task would be full and finally accomplished by the end of march, approximately. Yahoo! Panama is definitely a welcome change.

PPC Tips to Help Improve Your Efforts

I cannot tell you how many companies and individual

No Mobile and Video Advertising Budget

SEMPO in conjuction with Radar Research and IntelliSurvey have recently completed a research study (the State of Search Engine Marketing survey) on the topics of Video and Mobile search adverstising. The study concluded that search marketers wanted to pay the same or less for Mobile/Video search advertising than traditional search marketing strategies.

Here are some key points found from the study:

Google’s Greed Over a Rollback

Google recently announced they were updating the Adwords Quality Score, however it appears that there is a bug that raises the prices form any advertisers:

Google AdWords Quality Score Has Major Bug

Google AdWords Adds Quality Score Column & To Improved Quality Algorithm from Wednesday warned us of the new changes coming but apparently there is a bug that makes good performing ads prices spike through the roof.

Google and Yahoo’s Campaign Management

Advertisers must carefully weigh pros and cons when considering whether or not to use Google and Yahoo’s automated bid optimization tools. The two biggest PPC search advertising networks are getting into the campaign optimization act, Google with its "Budget Optimizer" tool and Yahoo with its "Campaign Optimization" tool. While the cost can’t be beat (hint: they’re free), in general marketers should avoid giving the networks the keys to the car.

PPC Advice – Good, Bad, or Very Bad?

Today, I took a few moments to take in a bit of the current online marketing blogscape. I eventually came across a post entitled "17 most common PPC mistakes web marketers make" by Igor Mor. It was posted on SEOMoz as part of their YOUMoz program where they "claim" posts from others they deem appropriate.

Mountain Commerce Overshadows PPC

Pay-per-click advertising doesn’t always smile upon budget-minded businesses; even “clean” PPC campaigns (i.e., ones that aren’t plagued by click fraud) can be costly.

The Link Baiting Playbook

Linkbaiting is all about the bait. In the same way that you can’t catch a giant tuna with a bag of doritos – you’re not going to get the attention of important bloggers, journalists, or other folks with some garbage content or news.

Google Slapped By Sausage Manifesto

Something entitled “The Sausage Manifesto” harkens to memory surreal Kids In The Hall sketches – kissing the sausage box; a scratchy-throated table-pounding old Canadian with a one-track disgustingly syrupy mind – but that’s not what it is. The Sausage Manifesto is a marching order written in the chilly twilight of a Chicago morning: a writ demanding that search engines do more about click fraud.

Google Gets a Raw Deal From Blogosphere?

A firestorm of negativity has surrounded Google in recent weeks concerning the company’s practice of advertising its own services as “tips” in SERP pages queried by users. At least for today, the company has put that practice on hold.

Common PPC Mistakes

As I manage quite a few PPC campaigns I always notice the silly and sometimes not so silly mistakes that advertisers make with their PPC programs.

A Fight About PPC And SEO
· 5

Which one of these methods is the most effective when it comes to search engine marketing? Is it a “one or the other” technique or is a successful SEM campaign dependent on prudent utilization of both techniques? These questions have been brought to the forefront thanks to a brewing disagreement between parties supporting each side.

Lame – The PPC and SEO Debate

In yesterday’s interview with Andy Beal, I made reference to comments in a DM News article that cited SEO as on the way out and that SEO is “simple”, positioning PPC as “better” etc.

Taco Bell Turns To PPC

It’s fairly obvious that the press from an E.Coli breakout can be really bad, especially if you are a popular fast-food restaurant chain – just ask Taco Bell. To combat the negative press, Taco Bell released a commercial featuring their President apologizing for the events while declaring Taco Bell food edible.

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