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Utilizing Match Types Can Save Your SEM Dollars
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Google’s been offering some great AdWords tips lately. Specifically, they recently discussed the advantages of using the broad match option and the negative keyword option. Mike McDonald also spoke with Ken Jurina of Epiar about the negative keyword option in the following interview at PubCon.

Are You Using the Right AdWords Option?
· 7

As you may or may not know, Google AdWords gives you four options when it comes to keywords. If you apply the appropriate ones to your keywords, your potential for increased ROI is higher. The options you have are:

Search Ads Vs. Display Ads?
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Many online advertisers continue to struggle with the decision to use either search engine advertising or display advertising. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AdCenter and the like, or good old fashioned banner displays. Both offer valid reasons, and each outperforms the other in different areas.

Why Not Use Both?

Google Provides Some AdSense Filtering Tips
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Due to an increased show of interest from AdSense publishers in filtering ads, Arlene Lee of AdSense Publisher Support discussed a couple of tools at the Inside AdSense Blog.

Competitive Ad Filter

SMX East: Reviving A Failed PPC Campaign
· 1

At the session "Reviving A Failed PPC Campaign" the speakers discussed how to turn around a failed paid search campaign.

(Coverage of the SMX East conference will continue at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

Know Your Clicks, Google Says
· 3

Advertising clients who feed Google’s revenue machine may not always know the difference between an illicit click and one that’s outright fraudulent. Google wants them to understand which is which.

Click Fraud Rate Up, Botnets Blamed
· 2

Criminals who automate their way to profit at the expense of pay per click advertisers likely drove an increase in illicit clicks in Q2 2008.

Domain Kiting, PPC Abuse Dropping In Tandem
· 5

Through a subtle change in policy for displaying AdSense on domains, Google managed to reduce the impact of domain kiting and pay per clicks associated with misused brand names.

AdWords Accounts Don’t Have To Stink
· 3

A few simple fixes could turn a moribund PPC campaign into a shining beast of profitability, one interactive advertising firm contends.

ACCM: Put The Squeeze On PPC

Pay per click advertising programs present work for the business professional, but there are ways to extract a little more value out of them.

Google Continues Hiding Parked Domain Clicks
· 7

Webmasters might be forgiven if they didn’t notice the option to opt their ad campaigns out of Google’s AdSense for Domains.

SEO Step Seven Of Ten: PPC
· 11

Welcome to step seven in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

Brand Awareness More Valuable Than PPC
· 5

There’s been significant debate among small businesses about the indirect value of online branding versus the direct value of search marketing. A recent report from Engine Ready says branding may be worth more than you think.

I’ve been an advocate of branding for a while and have tried to get the point across that consumer awareness of product or company drives sales in a very powerful way. Understandably, smaller business owners are more likely trust what is not only more directly tangible and measurable, but also less costly.

Google Stock Sings The Paid Click Blues

Statistical data from measurement firm comScore suggested Google’s paid clicks in January remained flat from the same time last year; Wall Street is displeased.

The InflectionPoint 2008 Conference

I just returned from the InflectionPont 2008 Conference down in San Diego.  What’s InflectionPoint?

Presidential SEM

After writing several posts on SEO and the Presidential candidates, I started thinking, what would I do if I ran for President of the United States, in terms of online presence and search marketing.

Recognizing the Best SEM Posts

Learning all there is to learn in Search Engine Marketing is no easy feat.

There’s no real text book, and if there was it would be outdated right after it was published I’m sure. The best place to get the best information in Search Marketing is from immersing yourself in the blogs of SEO and SEM.

Update on Organic SEO and PPC
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In the search industry we’ve all heard and read each of those terms quite frequently. We’ve each ran across those who believe their way is the only way, and then there are others who don’t express their opinions as strongly, but still prefer one way over the other. And lastly, there are those who use both methods.

Web Analytics – Abandonment

The classic web analytics funnel analysis is simple indeed.

The key metric is the percentage of times the process is abandoned on each step. The implicit assumption is that steps with the highest abandonment rates are the biggest problem.

Marks Post Link Bait?

I recently spotted a blog post by Adam Senour over at Walk My Path. The post outlines why Gene Marks is right on certain comments from the blog post. I must say I didn’t think I would find someone defending Gene marks comments like Adam has.

In-House SEM Salaries: Quite a Range
Earlier today we discussed some mind boggling statistics about search marketing and its efficacy, see: PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!. Another study, this time about search marketers by SEMPO, explores the earning potentials of SEMs.

The salaries actually have a surprising range, with the lowest ones bordering around minimum wages $60/year to the highest ones being around $70,000 a year.

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