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Harvard Professor Claims Google Conversions Inflated
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Benjamin Edelman,  assistant professor at Harvard Business School, claims Google and partners are inflating PPC conversion rates and increasing advertiser cost via four specific channels, including Google’s own Chrome browser.

Google makes money by charging advertisers every time a user clicks on a Google advertisement, but in the instances described and documented by Edelman, he makes it appear Google and partners are colluding to intercept traffic to websites that would be navigated directly (and for free) rather than by searching.

Paid Search Traffic Down 26% Last Month
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Hitwise reports paid search traffic was down 26 percent across the board over the past month. Overall, in the four weeks preceding May 9th, paid search delivered 7.25 percent of business traffic, compared to 9.84 percent this time last year.

Yahoo Testing Favicons in Sponsored Ads
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Yahoo is testing the use of favicons in sponsored ads. When a user searches for your domain name, your favicon will appear in your sponsored result.

Yahoo looks at the example of Expedia. You can see how it looks in the following screenshot:

Google Expands New AdWords Interface Beta
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Google announced today that it has expanded the beta testing for the new AdWords interface. It is now available in ten languages to most active AdWords accounts.

Google Looking for Revenue Stimulus in Australia?
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Google Australia is giving away a free AdWords campaign worth $75 to small and medium-sized businesses that don’t already use AdWords. This would seem like a good way to get new users on board.

CPC Declines on Big 3 Search Engines, ROI Strong

Average cost-per-click in the US declined last year on the big three search engines according to research from Efficient Frontier. Google’s fell 14%, Yahoo’s fell 16%, and Microsoft’s fell 28% over a year’s time (via CNET). Essentially the study indicates that less money was spent per search ad.

Google Familiarizes AdWords Users with New Interface

Google is of course testing a new interface for AdWords, and to prepare users for an easy transition, Google is putting out the resources to ensure they’re up to speed. For one, the company’s Inside AdWords Blog has announced "New Interface Thursdays." Each Thursday, they will provide an in-depth look at new features, tips and tricks, product updates, announcements, etc.

AdWords Getting New Conversion Tracking Metrics
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Google announced today that in the coming months, they will be updating the AdWords conversion tracking metrics in the new AdWords interface, and other account management platforms like AdWords Editor and the AdWords API.

No More PPC for Amazon Associates
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Amazon is ending the payment of referral fees to associates in North America using pay-per-click (PPC) to get traffic. This is effective beginning May 1st.

The change is not temporary. Amazon will not reinstate payment of referral fees to paid search associates. They say the decision to make the change is based on their review of how they invest their advertising resources.

Micrsoft on Why UK Advertisers Should Use adCenter

Microsoft faces some pretty tough competition in the pay-per-click space. On the adCenter blog today, they have posted some reasons they think users (at least in the UK) would benefit more from adCenter than its "main adCentercompetitor."

Google Shows Paid Search/TV Relationship
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Google has conducted a study looking at how paid search affects TV viewing habits. The results are pretty interesting.

Adam StewartAdam Stewart, Google’s Industry Director for Media & Entertainment tells WebProNews that the research confirms that paid search is an effective way to build traffic for a network’s website and, as a result, increase viewership for content like online video.

New Google AdWords Beta Expands Internationally

Google launched limited beta testing of a new AdWords campaign management interface back in November. At first it was only available to a limited number of US advertisers. Now the company has expanded the testing to more US advertisers as well as advertisers in the UK and Australia.

Google AdWords Gets a New Payment Option

Google has introduced a new feature for AdWords called "Make a Payment," which allows users to initiate a credit card payment for any amount they want, when it’s convenient for them. The feature allows for overpaying to cover future costs as well.

New Ways To Track Microsoft adCenter Conversions

Different people have different ways of counting conversions, and options with which to do so can prove helpful for catering to the advertiser’s personal preferences. Microsoft has released a new package of conversion counting controls for adCenter.

Google Dabbling in AdWords Favicons
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Google is testing the inclusion of favicons in AdWords ads. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable has the following screenshot:

Yahoo Gives Ads More Targeting Options
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Today Yahoo announced the addition of three new targeting options for Yahoo Search Marketing ads. They are demographic targeting, ad scheduling, and enhanced ZIP-level geo-targeting.

Yahoo’s Suggests Keywords for Your Ads
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Yahoo Search Marketing is offering a plethora of keyword suggestion options for its advertisers. They say these keywords hold considerable search volume but typically fewer advertisers than others.

Maximize Your Limited Budget for Google AdWords
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When dealing with Google AdWords campaigns, advertisers have several options for selecting keywords. PPC expert and Founder of ClickEquations Craig Danuloff talked with me about when to use each one, and provided some advice about getting the most out of your campaign on a limited budget.

Chris Crum: When should advertisers use Exact Match?

How Google Detects Click Fraud
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Even as we approach the end of 2008, click fraud is still something that needs to be dealt with in the search engine advertising industry. Google takes a number of precautions to keep it under control though.

Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop To Exit Beta
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Microsoft’s adCenter Desktop, currently in beta testing, is about to go public, said Jeremy Lamothe, Search Account Manager for Microsoft Advertiser and Publisher Solutions at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago.

(Coverage of SES Chicago continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

Tips for Optimizing Your AdSense
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Google has kicked off a series of videos for AdSense tips at the Inside AdSense blog. This is an effort to help publishers get the most out of their AdSense accounts. After all, the better publishers make out from the program, the better the program will continue to perform for Google right?