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Ask Jeeves PPC Service Rumor Mill

There is a great deal of hubbub brewing about Ask Jeeves possibly leaving Google and their AdWords program in order to develop and provide their own PPC advertising service, which is seen as a potentially risky move.

3 Important Tips For Adwords PPC Management

Adwords PPC Management Tip No. 1

Channel-Based Wholesale PPC Still on a Roll

A number of companies have been vying to help publishers run their own PPC auctions. MyGeek and Quigo have been a couple leaders in this area. This was largely pioneered by Sprinks content match, which operated on a “channel” basis allowing advertisers to place ads, mostly on About.com.

Tips for Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) is by far one of the easiest and quickest methods of driving targeted, consistent traffic to your website. While this may seem like a daunting method of advertising for some, it’s actually quite easy and can end up becoming that one marketing method that you can’t live without.

Are You in for a Safe Landing? – PPC Landing Pages
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You’ve paid for your ticket and your ads are up on Google AdWords and Yahoo’s Overture, but have you set up a safe landing for your clients?

How to Advertise Effectively in PPC Search Engines

Here Brian Williams explains precisely how to advertise effectively, including the single most important thing to understand, why you must understand the benefits your customers seek, the most important element in your advertising, appealing to the reader’s self interest, hints for body copy, emphasizing risk reversal, closing the sale, effective testing, and using keyed responses.

How Click Fraud Impacts Honest Publishers
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Click Fraud is a growing problem for Adsense and other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs. The challenge that Google has with Adsense and click fraud is that they’re at risk of it happening from a number of angles.

Choice Media’s PPC Service

Choice Media, one of the largest healthcare information networks on the Internet, has launched a Pay-Per-Click service for advertisers called GoText, Inc.

Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning ROI

The quest for higher search engine positioning on the natural search engines is generally the quest to increase revenue from a product or service.

Strategies For Preparing a PPC Keyword List (Part 1)

From my last article, Zen And The Art Of PPC – A Five Step Holistic Approach, I introduced some of the most important elements of a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

PPC ClickFraud: It’s a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Pay per click search engine advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote a website.

Holistic Search Marketing – Organic and PPC

It has been just over ten years since the public release of the first modern search engine, AltaVista. Infoseek, Lycos, HotBot, Northern Lights, and dozens of others quickly followed AV.

MSN Search Staffs-up for PPC Product

I received an interesting email. Apparently someone thinks I would make an excellent Account Executive for MSN Search’s new paid search product.

Yet Another Sign Blogs Are Here To Stay
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Dave Sifry’s excited about the first ever Technorati User Group (TUG) meeting to be held tonight in SF. So that’s actually SFTUG to be proper.

Whats The Deal With Other PPC Search Engines?

As far as most advertisers are concerned, there are really only two pay per click search engines that deserve their attention – Google’s AdWords and Overture (owned by Yahoo!). After all, these are the most popular search engines that dominate the industry in terms of traffic, technology, and popularity.

Ad Copy Important for PPC

When it comes to a successful PPC campaign there are many important factors including keyword selection, bid amounts, Destination URL’s, but one of the most critical is your ad copy.

InterSearch Merges With PPC Search Company

InterSearch has completed its merger with Walnut Ventures., a San Francisco-based owner and operator of several performance based PPC search engine properties and search enhancing products.

Search Revenues & Conversions Nearly Triple After Thanksgiving

A note in the MediaPost column discusses the recent rise in revenue for marketers advertising in search engines …

Meta-Search Engine Integrates PPC and Local Search

Rather than build an index of the entire Internet from the ground up, meta-search sites like WiderSearch.com create an umbrella of results from a number of different search engines.

Free Traffic vs. Extra Revenue – Earning from PPC Search Engines

Pay Per Click Search Engine ads are one of the most cost-effective ways of targeted internet advertising. According to Forbes magazine PPC Search Engine advertising accounts 2 billion dollars/year which is expected to increase to 8 billion dollars by 2008.

Zen and the Art of PPC A Five Step Holistic Approach

Over the past few years I’ve modified my approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing in response to the popularity of PPC and all of the great technological advances in Overture and Google AdWords.