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Pownce Founders Joining Six Apart Team

The first major micro-blogging casualty has emerged over the past week. Pownce, a Twitter-like lifestreaming service, announced it was closing its doors (figuratively speaking) mid-December.

Six Apart Acquiring Pownce, Pulling Plug
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Here’s hoping most Pownce users haven’t made huge plans for their holiday vacations.  It turns out that the launched-in-2007 company has been acquired by Six Apart and will shut its doors on December 15th, so they’ll likely need to spend some time becoming familiar with a different service.

No Twitter Killer Popping Up

Social media geeks, myself included, have been looking for/waiting for the “Twitter Killer” to emerge over the last few months.  While Twitter’s famous crashes seem to have lessened, the stream of consciousness style doesn’t seem to facilitate effective conversations as well as we might hope.

Twitter Places Blame On Users For Problems

I almost did a Mike Arrington headline, like the one he used recently against Wired magazine, when he was frustrated that they were calling him out. It would have been so satisfying. But, I decided to play it straight. At least here. Over on FriendFeed I let my full fury out.

Pownce Leaves Beta

I know that Pownce doesn’t care much for the comparisons to Twitter, but now that it’s come out of beta–and opened-up to all–the comparisons will surely follow.

Microblogging: What Is It Good For?
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The microblogging concept isn’t one that settles neatly among a myriad of more intuitive platforms. Regardless, microblogging platforms like Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and PlaceShout are gaining steam in the social media realm with or without you.

Digg, Pownce Have Gender Issues

A seemingly angry post on Digg by Pownce developer Leah Culver about a duplicate feature in Digg’s new profiles, and a peek at that feature, made us wonder about the fuss.

Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

Pownce: Collaboration From & at the Hip
At first glance, Kevin Rose of Digg’s new startup Pownce is Yet Another Status Message Service (YASMS) like Twitter, Jaiku or Plazes.  But really, its a collaboration app made for the most modern web.  It’s bound for adoption because the founders can drive word of mouth and its inherent virality.  And perhaps what it does is less important than the three trends it represents.