Powerset Finds Its Way Into Live Search

Powerset Finds Its Way Into Live Search

By Chris Crum September 17, 2008

Powerset, a search engine, which was once touted as a "Google Killer", and was sold to Microsoft for $100 million a couple months ago, is now being integrated into Microsoft’s Live Search results (at least to a limited extent).

Powerset Follows Hype With Debut

After a lot of blog buzz, Powerset finally launched its search engine with the initial aim at pulling information out of Wikipedia more effectively.

Wikipedia Defers To Google

UPDATE 4/9/08: Seems there was some confusion sparked by this piece, which is, at best, a muddled, meandering, word-labyrinth posing as an unconventional, smart-alecky essay on web journalism/blogging. That’s okay, any reader would find himself in good company lost amid my verbose effluvia. For crying out loud, I used a word like "bildungsroman" and made references not just to Roman mythology but also to an obscure Persian king 3,500 years dead.

Powerset Exec Shuffle Looks Like Comedy Sketch
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In “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the Black Knight always gets a laugh by claiming that the loss of both his arms is “just a flesh wound.”  Now Powerset’s COO has left the company, its CEO is changing roles, and it, too, claims to be okay.

Barney Pell

Avatar Seeks Semantic Search

Researchers at IBM Almaden have been developing a semantic search process that can delve into unstructured text to retrieve structured information.

Powerset: The Robot Ninja Search Engine

Powerset, a company that focuses on “natural language search,” recently discussed its to-be-released-in-September search engine, and there’s some very interesting stuff going on.  Very interesting, and very hard to understand.

Xerox Takes A Stab At Semantic Search

Every day, we bring you news of the latest comings and goings in the search engine industry.  The names Google and Yahoo come up a lot . . . Xerox, not so much.  But it’s that last company that is preparing a semantics-based search engine.

Powerset Makes Powerful Impressions

Powerset has yet to launch, but a few sneak previews have shown some promising results; true “natural language” search appears to be well on its way.

Powerset Seems Powerful
Powerset Seems Powerful
Powerset Embraces Ask Jeeves Model

At Powerset, they call it ‘natural language search’. We call it a $12 million homage to the days of the butler at Ask Jeeves, when that search engine proved more useful for entertainment value than actual quality search results.