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Disney World Monorail Evacuated After Power Outage

According to a Disney World spokeswoman Jacquee Wahler, dozens of people had to be evacuated from one of the park’s monorails after a power outage on Sunday, July 13. Apparently the weather surrounding the Florida amusement park was getting unpredictable when the monorail halted. However, Wahler says that they do not think lightning was the cause of the outage. “When …

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Disney Monorail Up And Running Again

The Disney monorail that was shut down on Sunday because of lightning was back up and running again on Monday. The lightning did not strike the actual car of the monorail, but did shut down the power around 6:30 pm. After several attempts at a restart, the car was evacuated beginning at 7, and was totally empty by 8, thanks …

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UC Berkeley Explosion Leaves 4 with Minor Burns

The LA Times reported yesterday that an explosion devastated UC Berkeley’s campus, sending four to the hospital with burns. The main campus was evacuated as a precaution. “It was dark. It was pretty scary. We just wanted to get out of there,” one student, sophomore Jesse Kay, said. Another student, 19-year-old Jay Reddy, was in electrical engineering class when the …

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Power Outages Force People to Face Life Without Instagram

Power outages, in addition to leaving over two million people without power, forced many to consider the question, “Is life worth living if I can’t post anything to Instagram?” The storms that ripped through the Eastern half of the United States on Friday wiped out service for the popular photo-sharing app, where individuals gather in virtual droves to share everything …

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