Apple Puts $848M into Solar Farm, the Current Largest Commercial Clean Energy Deal

Apple Puts $848M into Solar Farm, the Current Largest Commercial Clean Energy Deal

By Josh Wolford February 11, 2015

Apple has announced plans to construct a giant solar farm that it says will power all of its California operations – and then some. Apple is partnering with First Solar, the company behind Monterey County’s California Flats Solar Project. The …

SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

Google Reader Taps Power Of Blogsearch

New features from Google Reader include a process that recommends blogs potentially of interest to the user, based on subscribed feeds and one’s Web History.

Google Not Perfect With Duplicate Content

Think Google is a good as they would have you believe they are about detecting duplicate copy, then take a look here [fireproof safe with power]. Since result two links to result one I’d say result two is probably the original and Google got it wrong.

Market Research Continues to Move Online

A few months ago, I wrote about online panels, and I am finding more and more marketers moving their market research online.

Rackspace Wrecked By Wayward Truck Driver

Plenty of popular websites suffered a couple of hours of unanticipated downtime when a truck hit a transformer and took down Rackspace’s Dallas datacenter.

Yahoo Diversifies Into Wind And Hydro Power

A search engine company has become involved with wind turbines in India and a hydropower project in Brazil.  Now, want to hear the really surprising part?  It’s Yahoo, not Google, that is behind the environmentally friendly effort.

Dogpile Outranking Google

J.D. Power and Associates rated Dogpile with the highest rank in customer satisfaction among search engines for the second year in a row.

Twitter & the Power of Micro-Blogging in Emergencies

As time goes by, and we get to read more and more on the various benefits from

Yahoo Saving The Newspaper Industry

All of those deals Yahoo made with newspaper publishers seem to be yielding positive results for the world of print media.

Dial-Up Users Happier Than Broadband Users

High-speed Internet service continues to attract new subscribers, but satisfaction measurement for high-speed customers indicates that service providers are not making significant progress in producing loyal customers, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Internet Service Provider Residential (ISP) customer Satisfaction study out today.

Facebook’s Power Studied

By spending time on Facebook, a person might hope to find a friend, a significant other, or even a job.  I can accept that.  What’s surprising is the power the social network wields over things like candy companies and banks.

Blinkx To Power RealPlayer’s Search

RealPlayer was resurrected last month, and in the process, the media player’s parent company rubbed elbows with Google.  Now word has come that Real also worked something out with Blinkx, and in what the two corporations have termed a “global partnership,” Blinkx “will power video search for the new RealPlayer.”

Google’s Growing Political Power

We all know Google: the fun, friendly search engine company that loves its employees and puppy dogs.  The same company that has an army of lawyers at its corporate back, and, as it turns out, rapidly expanding offices in Washington, D.C.

Google’s Solar Panels Power Up
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Some time ago, Google announced that it would install a number of solar panels on the much-discussed Googleplex.  Those panels are now in place, on, and, according to the company, generating “an electricity output capable of powering approximately 1,000 average California homes.”

The Wisdom of Wikis
Julian distinguishes between Wisdom of Crowds and what you could call the Wisdom of Wikis:

Ask3D With Morph & In-line functions
In a recent Ask blog, called “Morph & In-line functions: The power behind the panels” the team discusses how to take advantage of some of the cool features of Ask3D which was launched last week.