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Pot Cookie Causes Exchange Student To Jump To His Death

Levy Thamba Pongi, a 19-year-old exchange student studying engineering at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, reportedly jumped over a motel balcony after consuming cookies laced with marijuana. He was originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Pongi was spending spring break in Denver when the March 11 incident happened. On Wednesday, the coroner released an autopsy report stating “marijuana …

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Pot Cookie Blamed in Student’s Fall To Death

A pot cookie has been blamed for the death of 19-year-old Levy Thamba Pongi, a native of the Republic of Congo. Pongi fell from his motel balcony on March 11 and died from injuries sustained from the fall. Pongi attended college in Wyoming but was visiting Colorado on spring break. Colorado recently legalized the use of marijuana and Pongi had …

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