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Facebook Tests Self-Destructing Posts

In another move that shows hows much Facebook wishes it could’ve been the first to popularize ephemeral messaging, the company is currently testing a scheduled deletion feature for posts. First spotted by users and confirmed in a statement, the new feature is running in a “small pilot”. It basically allows users to schedule a time, in the future, for their …

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How to Make Sure (Most) People Can’t Find Your Embarrassing Facebook Posts in Graph Search

As you may have heard, Facebook just opened the floodgates when it comes to internet stalking. Yesterday, the company announced that Graph Search will now be able to pull up all of your old statuses, photo posts, check-ins, and basically any other post you’ve ever made on the network. Before, Graph Search was really limited to being able to cull …

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Facebook Dislike: May Let You Say Why You Hide Posts

ABC News is reporting that Facebook, in a rare move toward satisfying its customer base, may be taking steps toward something that users have been asking after for a long time. It’s not exactly a “dislike” button, though a lot of people wish they could get a thumbs down button like other sites have. But Facebook already allows you to …

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Finally, Facebook May Finally Let You Edit Posts (Finally)

Facebook is currently testing a feature that people have wanted since the first time Facebook ever let anyone post anything – the ability to edit your own posts. AllFacebook spotted a public update from Facebook’s Nick Schrock that contained a conspicuous “edit.” Nick Schrock12 hours ago For some reason, I decided to watch this video tonight, in its entirety, for …

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Facebook Removes ‘Posts by Friends’ Option on Pages

Facebook has removed an option on pages that allowed users to filter recent posts to show only the ones made by friends. As of now, the “Posts by friends” filtering option located on the clickdown menu at the top of pages’ Timelines is gone. Now users can only filter by “Highlights,” “Posts by Page,” or “Posts by Others.” The latter …

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