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Kyron Horman: Four Years Missing, Stepmom ‘Unofficial’ Suspect

Kyron Horman disappeared from his Portland, Oregon elementary school four years ago and not a trace of the then-7-year-old has been seen since. His stepmother Terri Horman still remains the only ‘unofficial’ suspect or ‘person of interest’ in the child’s disappearance. On June 4, 2010, Terri Horman brought Kyron to Skyline Elementary School where he participated in a science fair. …

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Cat Traps Family in Home, Dad Calls 911

“Yeah, hi, I have kind of a particular emergency here.” On Sunday evening in Portland, Oregon, an emergency dispatcher received a call that perhaps she had never received before. Lee Palmer, local father, called 911 to report that the family cat had gone berserk and attacked his 7-month old son. Upset over the incident, Palmer had kicked the cat in …

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