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Portal 2 Theme Song Played in Second Laser Etching Portal 2 Theme Song Played in Second Laser Etching

Last week I reported on YouTube user chjade84’s video of a laser etching the Aperture Science logo into stainless steel while also playing “Still Alive” from the Portal soundtrack. This week, YouTube user PhotoMachining has created a sequel, this time …

Lifelike Portal Gun Toy Unveiled
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NECA has revealed a lifelike scale model of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device to delight of cosplay fanboys everywhere. The toy is to scale and features orange and blue LED lights and even makes a genuine firing sound when …

Portal Theme Song Played With A Fiber Laser

This video of Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive” being played by a laser was uploaded by YouTube user chjade84 earlier this week. In case it’s hard to see, that pattern being carved into a stainless steel plate while the “music” plays …

Live Search Webmaster Tools Finally Available

Microsoft has finally made its Live Search Webmaster Tools available to all site owners, webmasters and SEO professionals.

After a brief private beta, the Live Search Webmaster Center aims to help website professionals improve their results in the MSN and Live.com Search Engines.

Microsoft Webmaster Portal Live in Beta

MSN Webmaster Portal was announced in August and was to be released into beta in September and be fully accessible by the end of November, however very little has been released since the initial announcement. Until now.

MSN Jumps on Analytics Train

From the adCenter Blog:

MSN Revamps MSN India Portal
MSN India re-launches with a cutting-edge new design and new options and features. One of the new options include choosing either to view a narrow or a wide layout.

Yahoo Japan Prepares HDTV Portal

Like the idea of high-definition TV?  So, it seems, does Yahoo Japan, which reportedly intends to launch an Internet portal serving HD-ready TVs.  And there are a couple points of interest even for those of us who live outside Japan.

Sina Strengthens Its Search Engine And Portal

We all know about Internet censorship in China – search engines may or (more probably) may not return results for any sensitive queries.  But now, when Sina wants to deliver an answer, it will be able to do so more reliably.

AOL Launches Portal For Italy

In an effort to grow its global audience AOL has launched a dedicated portal for Italy, AOL.it.

AOL Wins Over Neuf Cegetel In France

AOL France scored a deal with Neuf Cegetel to provide content, marketing, and advertising for its portal websites.

AOL Massages Video Portal

The redesign to AOL Video integrated its Truveo video search technology with the updates delivered by the website.

Google Got Its Apps In Your Portal

The rollout of Google

Topix Reinvented As Hyperlocal News Portal

The news aggregating site at Topix.net has a new complementary domain at Topix.com, and a renewed focus on the local audience that CEO Rich Skrenta thinks can be a difference maker for the site. Oh, and just call them Topix.

USPS Touts Online Convenience

The U.S. Postal Service is promoting its "USPS.com Week" to let consumers know of the many options they have for doing business online and that they can "skip the trip" to the Post Office. The Postal Service’s Web site offers almost three- dozen services that are available online.

The Top Time-Suckers On The Web

The pageview’s not dead, just weaker. There will be certain types of sites where those numbers matter – especially textual sites. But increasingly, as video and interactivity thrive, it is time spent per user rather than pages viewed that gets the attention of marketers. This is more of a TV model than a billboard one.

What Is A Portal?

Among other things, a post today by my friend Scott Karp over at Publishing 2.0 has helped crystallized for me just how inadequate a lot of the terminology is that we’re using for Web services and communities – and not just the obvious kind of cringe-inducing terms like “user-generated content.”

Yahoo! Rolls Out Wii Portal

The site consists of a combination of Flickr photos, del.icio.us links, Yahoo MyWeb, Yahoo Games, and other Wii-related offerings. This is the first of many more Yahoo sites to come that will focus on niche content that revolves around a particular product or brand.

ColdFusion WebSphere Portal Toolkit
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Once again Adobe is using the Labs site to release new software in development – this time a ColdFusion toolkit that integrates with WebSphere Portal Server.

Microsoft enters user generated video race

Microsoft has launched user-generated video content area Soapbox, in beta, on the MSN Video site (again a bit late bill) .

Facebook face users ire over RSS feeds

Facebook Tuesday added an RSS “news” feed that informs members of differences in their friends’ pages, like new photos added to their pages or groups joined.

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