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Tips for Trade Show Rentals
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Trade show rentals allow you more flexibility and the opportunity to change your booth with every expo if you wish. You can rent nearly any booth components, from portable pop-ups to completely custom looks.

Make Your Web Hosting Solution Portable

I’m not sure why some good web hosting providers go bad, but it happens and it’s a hassle when you have to switch to a new hosting provider.

A Portable Trade Show Exhibit Makes for an Easier Show

You can make your trade show experience much easier by using a portable exhibit. Since you control everything related to transporting it and setting it up, you won’t have to hire firms to for those things for you.

PlayStation Pornable Er Portable

Sony’s getting a little steamed as certain software manufacturers steam up the screen of their PSP gaming console with adult content. Sony finds the practice undesirable. I just hope they don’t offer their 1998 Godzilla remake, talk about obscene.

Portable Design Magazine Names New Editor-in-Chief

John Donovan, a 24-year veteran of American and Asian technical journalism, takes the magazine’s helm.

PlayboyStation Portable Plays With PlayStation Portable

Remember the good old days when you had to raid your old man’s closet or under the bed to find the treasured copy of Playboy? The world’s changed a lot since then.

AMD Focuses On Portable Media Players

Advanced Micro Devices has developed a low-power chip that may make portable video players more compelling by reducing the time necessary to transfer content to the devices.

Why do Authors Need Portable Document Format?

If you write eBooks and you market them Online, you need to put your unique information into Portable Document Format (PDF) once your project is finished.

E-publishing is easier, more profitable and saves the author so much time and money. No waiting for the printer, no middle man who keeps half the profits. No packaging or mailing, saving the author enough time that he can either write another book or spend a few hours a week promoting it.