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Angry Parent Starts Fake Porn Profile for His Son’s Principal

Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. However, sometimes it comes with a side of warm porn, which, as we all know, makes just about any scheme that much better. Until you get caught, of course. Meet 34 year-old Robert Dale Esparza Jr., whose son attended Gateway Pointe Elementary School. At some point during the year, the boy …

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Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Photos

Facebook, presently under a scanning electron microscope as the smoke clears post-IPO, is now under fire for allegedly removing photos posted of a child with a congenital birth defect. Hundreds of users had been sharing photos of Grayson James Walker, who was born with anencephaly, a neural tube birth defect, only to have the pictures removed. His mother Heather was …

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Newspaper Writer Tweets Porn Video to His Followers: Twitter Reacts

Let this one serve as an important lesson to you, folks: If you’re going to attempt to get some work done in-between spending some quality time with your pornography habit, perhaps you should pay close attention to what you’re sharing with your loyal followers on Twitter. Unless, of course, your fan base primarily consists of perverts and fellow porn appreciators. …

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New Canadian $20 Is Causing Controversy

(image) So there is a bit of controvery brewing in our neighbor to the north. They decided to release redesigned bills, and the one that came out of the twenty has some people freaking out. The new $20 has a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The back of the bill features a picture of the Vimy Memorial …

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New York Judge Slaps Down Piracy Lawsuit

If you believe the rhetoric coming from certain organizations, the illegal downloading of copyrighted material will be the death of the entertainment industry. One MPAA official once said that technology that allowed unauthorized copying of movies “is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to a woman home alone.” Of course, that was …

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Egyptian Government Institutes Pornography Ban

To quote Associate Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, “[I can’t define pornography], but i know it when I see it.” The question is, will the Egyptian government know it when it sees it? An Egyptian court has ruled to ban internet pornography in the country. The ruling was confirmed by the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and reported by Egypt Today. …

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