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Genealogy Tool Can Now Pinpoint Ancestry Through Genetics

Genealogy is a fun pastime for many people throughout the world. Tracking down ancestral information and filling out family trees is a way for many to connect with the past. Beyond birth and death records, however, the study of genealogy is now being pushed forward faster than ever thanks to genetics. Genetic research can provide people throughout the world with …

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China Announces New One Child Policy

In an announcement made on Friday, China leaders decided they would gradually start easing up on its decades old, one child policy. The new law states that parents can have two children if either parent was an only child. The new law represents a significant change in China’s future economy and population. The one child policy was first introduced in …

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Mobile Devices Will Overtake Human Population in 2012

It’s a good thing humans come with two hands because we’re gonna need’em if we’re expected to handle the bulk of cell phones and tablets that are going to be cramping up our planet in the near future. A new study from Cisco predicts that 2012 will be the year that mobile devices will surpass the world’s population of humans. …

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