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Hurricane Raymond Soaks South Western Mexico, As People Scurry for Cover

Hundreds more were evacuated, schools and ports were closed, as hurricane Raymond loomed large over coastal south-western Mexico along the Pacific coast on Monday. The region is on the verge of being hammered twice in quick succession as it gets back on its feet from record flooding a few weeks ago. The category-3 hurricane, with menacing winds blowing up to …

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Cyclone Phailin Menances India as Hundreds of Thousands Flee

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is forecasting that Cyclone Phailin with sustained wind speeds of up to 185 km per hour (115 mph) gushing to 200 km per hour would hit peninsular India on Saturday evening from 6.00 pm onwards. The category 5 cyclone, termed as Very Severe Cyclone Storm, will impact the coastal states of Odisha, Bengal and Andhra …

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African Billionaires Flourish as Population Explosion Starves Masses

If you want to know why humanity fails and succeeds, just compare Africa, a continent of 1.2 billion people on one side and China, a continental size country of 1.35 billion on the other. In 1980, freshly liberated from the communist tyranny rule of Chairman Mao, China was so impoverished that measured on a per-capita income basis it was at …

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Dell Focuses On Asia and Africa as Europe, America Decline

It would be an understatement to say that Michael Dell has been quite busy lately. First, it was the $25 Billion leveraged buyout of the troubled company that bears his name, in partnership with private equity firm Silver Lake. During the marathon buyout process Michael asserted that “This is a great outcome for our customers and our company…In taking Dell …

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Natural Gas: Prices Rally With Rising Population, Middle-East Turmoil

Spot prices of natural gas topped $3.72 per million Btu last week – the highest in two months – following the U.S. Energy Department’s weekly storage report that showed a tighter supply vs demand scenario. The Natural Gas Storage Report, updated weekly by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) since 2002 – includes summaries on natural gas market prices and storage …

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