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eBay Restricts Shopping From Old Web Browsers

eBay announced that in an effort to make shopping more secure, it will restrict site access through older versions of web browsers. This is largely in response to the POODLE SSL 3.0 vulnerability recently discovered by Google. The company says in a blog post: We have decided to restrict the use of an outdated Internet security protocol, SSL 3.0, because …

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Google Discovers ‘POODLE’ Vulnerability In SSL 3.0

Google announced that it has discovered a vulnerability (referred to as POODLE) in SSL version 3.0, the details of which can be found here. Bodo Möller of the Google Security Team found the issue along with fellow Googlers Thai Duong and Krzysztof Kotowicz. Makers of web browsers, including Google, are working on a fix. Möller writes: SSL 3.0 is nearly …

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The Top 5 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Out of a surveyed 122 veterinary professionals, these five dog breeds were voted as the most intelligent, according to VetStreet.com. Of course, not all canines are made the same. Often, one can find that based off anecdotal experiences with their lovable fur ball, they find their dogs to be some of the most brilliant beasts bestowed on God’s green earth. …

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Hoarder Dog Unable To Walk Due To Hair, Neglect

A poodle named Ginger was found in a Denton, Texas apartment recently and was so matted with overgrown hair that she couldn’t walk. Authorities say Ginger was the victim of a “hoarding situation” and had been neglected basic grooming for so long that her hair had knitted together from paw to ear on one side, leaving her unable to walk. …

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