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Lie of the Year Goes to Obama and Healthcare

After winning a Pulitzer Prize due to its coverage of the 2008 political election, the website found international credibility and started stepping up its game. The organization became so credible, in fact, that it now decides who the biggest liar of the year is every year. Since 2009, Politifact has been awarding an annual “Lie of the Year” award. …

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PolitiFact Is Going to Start Fact-Checking the Media with New PunditFact Venture

Want to know if whatever vile garbage spewing from the mouth of some TV pundit is actually true? PolitifFact wants to give you a place to go. PolitiFact, the fact-checking operation owned by the Tampa Bay Times, has just announced a new venture called PunditFact. Just as PolitiFact spends its time fact-checking the statements of government officials, Congress, and interest …

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