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New AdWords Policy Affects Content Publishers

A new AdWords policy enacted by Google could have long-ranging, perhaps negative affects on content providers and publishers, blogger or otherwise.

Feedster Shares Its Blogging Policy

Even though it seems like I’m moving a million miles per hour these days, I can always find time to check my feeds.

Cisco Breaks New Ground With Government Affairs Blog

Networking company Cisco Systems launched their first public blog last month. It’s a very interesting blog as it’s not the type of blog that would immediately spring to mind.

Blog linking policy: Develop one today
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Blogs link to one another.

Link Policy and Building Traffic
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I’m getting enough emails for reciprocal link exchanges that I thought I’d take a moment to write out my link policy here on my blog.

Plain Speaking Blog Comment Policy

Here’s a plain-speaking description of a blog commenting policy that no one could possibly misunderstand …

Amazon Invests in 43 Things Folksonomy Project
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Amazon.com has invested in the start-up behind folksonomy project 43 Things. Another company, called 37 Signals …

Network Security and Cisco SAFE

While implementing a functional network design that meets an organization’s business and technical goals is critical, it is imperative that the design is properly secured.

Google Changes Stance on Affiliates in AdWords

After much speculation, Google has announced that they will be changing their Affiliate Policy for AdWords.

Twelve Horses Implements Sender Policy Framework

Twelve Horses announced it has implemented the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) standard.

Google Updates Gmail Policies

In what seems to be a response to Gmail invitation auctions, Google has updated their Gmail policy page to reflect these activities. The changes now make it a violation to “sell, trade, resell or otherwise exploit for any unauthorized commercial purpose or transfer any Gmail account.”

Trademark Dispute Causes Geico To Sue Google And Overture

Ever since Google and Overture have allowed competitors to bid on trademarked keywords, legal trouble have not been far behind them. Google is facing lawsuits in Europe and the US because of its trademark policy. Add auto insurance company Geico to the list of companies that have filed suit for improper trademark use.

Google In Court Over New AdWords Policy

Google’s newest policy concerning bidding on trademarked slogans for AdWords purposes has come under fire. French insurance company AXA has filed suit against the search engine for allowing others to bid on keywords that AXA has trademarked.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) the Insecure Solution

Many organisations have deployed VPN’s as a quick win solution and have suffered as a result of not implementing a full solution. Trinity Security Services’ Consultants have worked with a wide array of customers to solve security issues as a result of hastily rolled out VPN solutions.

Customer Service: Beyond Company Policy

There’s more to customer service dealing with order fulfillment, returns, complaints and questions. Good customer service is based on respect and concern — qualities that can’t be spelled out in a company policy.

Cookies, P3P, and IE6
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Since the majority of web users now use IE6, you need to understand how Internet Explorer deals with cookies.

Documentation Your Management Insurance Policy

Today we talk about a necessary evil in the life of the manager. And you can thank fellow reader Nancy of California for suggesting that I write an article about this scintillating topic Don’t you just love spending your time documenting? It’s such a joy to sit and write down every detail of a situation. And usually those situations which need to be documented fall into the “challenging” category, right? So, as you document, you get to re-live each and every moment of a confrontational or controversial situation. What a blast!

Lack of Security Policy in companies

Less than 20% of the companies have security policies that they relate to.

Porn Policy Collars a Million-Dollar Customer

A brief altercation this week with a staff salesperson gave me a new perspective on how pornographic e-mail can affect our business.

Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies

I regularly hear from Web site developers who have added a new cookie-enabled feature to their site only to discover that visitors using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) Web browser are unable to use it. After a little investigation, they discover the problem has something to do with cookies and a new W3C Recommendation called P3P. “What is P3P?” they ask. “What does it have to do with my cookies? And how can I stop IE6 from blocking them?” The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in my new book, Web Privacy with P3P. In this article, I will give you a quick introduction to P3P and an overview of what you need to do to prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies.

Policy Preparation: Credit Requests and Employee Conduct

When a customer requests credit, do you:

A. Turn to your previously developed credit policy for the answer, or
B. Stammer and wonder what to do next?