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Business Management: Honesty as a Policy

Business people often have a blind spot when examining their own companies.

Blue Hen Breaks Facebook Policy
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Users of the popular Facebook college and high school networking site may not create accounts under fake names, and a reporter with the University of Delaware Review caught one school administration staffer doing just that.

Blogger Says There Is No Search Box Policy

Blogger Buzz has posted that the story from late last week, where a BlogSpot user said he was told to remove the MSN Search box from his blog, never happened.

Do You Have An Employee Blog Policy?

AlwaysOn shares some interesting survey data on employers’ blog policies.

Microsoft Revamps Blog Removal Policy

The company announced a new “policy framework” concerning the removal of blogs from its MSN Spaces services when requested to do so by a government.

Microsoft Establishes Blog Censorship Policy

Reuters is reporting that, responding to criticism over how it pulled the blog of a critic of the Chinese government, has pledged to create rules governing how it will deal with such situations in the future.

MS Blog Policy to Address Country-Specific Issues

IDG News reports that Microsoft has revamped its blogging policy after many employees expressed outrage over the company’s abrupt censoring of a Chinese blogger.

While I Was Flying

The Internet Explorer team released a new version which includes our new RSS platform.

Google Extends Firefox

A couple of new Firefox extensions emerged from Google Labs. The extensions offer Firefox users extra functions when browsing the web. Blogger Web Comments, created by Google software engineer Glen Murphy, lets users see what bloggers are saying about the page being viewed.

Privacy Concerns May Impact Google Analytics

Business is up for one web analytics provider after Google rebranded Urchin and launched a version of it as a free service, and that could be due to privacy questions.

What’s Your Company’s Email Policy?

Does your company have an email policy? Did you even know there was such a thing? Well, there is, and if your company doesn’t have one you are not only risking the professional image of your firm, but also risking potential liability issues that may arise from the misuse of your company email system.

eBay May Not Accept Google Purchase

A sudden change in eBay’s payment policy has many wondering if this is a preemptive move in preparation of the rumored Google Purchase, which could offer some serious competition to PayPal. Conspiracy theories and lots of between the line eyeballing are rampant, even if eBay insists the changes are to enhance protection for buyers.

Google Blogs On Policy Issues

While most companies struggle to figure out blogs’ role in the communication mix, Google has figured out that blogging is the best way to present its position on policy issues.

Google Secures Wireless Access

The company’s experimental wireless network in San Francisco can be accessed with a new VPN tool.

Microsoft Unimpressed With Massachusetts Policy

The company behind the ubiquitous Office productivity suite has no intention of supporting the Open Document format.

Google Blogs Response To Geico Ruling

Apparently, the ability to make lemons into lemonade is one of Google’s strong points, or it could be they are living by the whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing.

Microsoft Releases RDP Security Advisory

Windows versions 2000, XP, and 2003 could be vulnerable to a Denial of Service condition via the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Author Blames Google For Ad Censorship

Once again failing to understand the Google AdWords TOS agreement, another person is attempting to make a misguided connection between an AdWords campaign denial by Google and a liberal political bias.

Yahoo Publishes Employee Blogging Guidelines

Yahoo has publicly published its employee blogging guidelines (version 1.0, no betas) and they are concise, intelligent, and actually quite helpful.

eBay Suffers Power Outage

The online marketplace has experienced outages in the past, notably a 22 hour shutdown that cost the company heavily.

New AdWords Policy Affects Content Publishers

A new AdWords policy enacted by Google could have long-ranging, perhaps negative affects on content providers and publishers, blogger or otherwise.