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Google Ad Policy Cracks Down On Plagiarism

Advertisements for weapons, drugs, and prostitutes have been banned from Google.  All right, fair enough.  But now advertisements for essay-writing services will also be forbidden, and while more than a few people have raised their eyebrows, others have cheered.

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
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The United States has 58.1 million broadband (256 kbps or better) in December 2006, but at 19.6 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, America is just average at getting broadband to the people.

US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
US Broadband Penetration Just Stinks
Google Pulls Imus Related Keywords?
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It hasn’t been a good week for long-time shock jock Don Imus. After his controversial comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, his Imus in the Morning radio show was quickly dumped by both MSNBC and CBS. The events surrounding the scandal have had an interesting impact on the search world as well.

Prior to CBS axing the Imus program, several major sponsors pulled their advertising from the show, which no doubt was a major factor in the network’s decision to pull it from the airwaves.

O’Reilly Draws Up Blogging Code Policy

In the wake of the Kathy Sierra kerfuffle, there have been calls for a blogging code of ethics; the problem isn’t with bloggers, or even their blogs.

Google and Ethics
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I have been consulting on internet marketing for over a decade. In my career I have seen many unethical things, from Fortune 500 companies performing many questionable actions, to observing sales agents selling on a fundamentally wrong foundation.

Love Ajax? Hate The Exploits

Bringing certain content-updating behaviors to web pages without reloading them has been a key piece of the ‘Web 2.0′ online application meme; it now appears the criminals could have a way to break them open too.

Opera Announces Official April Fool’s Policy
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The Oslo-based software company clarified its position on tomfoolery, gimcrackery, shenanigans, mischief, mayhem, but not hijinks.

Opera Software ASA, makers of the best browser in this, or indeed any, universe, today revealed the results of a five month process to determine this year’s April Fool’s joke. After considerable competitive analysis, structural synthesis, skilled observation, educated prognostication and blind luck, the management along with Opera’s Corporate Relations and Prevarication department determined there will be no April Fool’s joke for FY07.

Google and the Two-Class Blog Policy

Lots of sites reporting news that Google has taken down a Blogger blog, after it posted a death threat against a New Zealand politician.

Google spokeswoman Victoria Grand today said the weblog was taken down this morning after a complaint from the Ministry of Social Development. She said it was not just yesterday’s death threat that prompted the site shutdown, but that Google believed it was repeat violation of site rules.

MySpace Sending Spam?

I lived to see this day come to bear .. Myspace sending SPAM "member" emails, to an email address, that doesn’t exist (bliggy[at]bliggs.com), on one of my domains.

All the headers are legit, and the "member" email is sent to a "confirmed email". Go figure guys.

Force People to Read Your Comments Policy

As recently shown, people don’t read your terms of service. My stats also show that people don’t read my comments policy before posting a comment. Sometimes I am forced to delete comments from possibly well meaning people who don’t realise that their comment might be looked on as spam .

Google’s Policy on No follow and Reviews

I’m not exactly sure what caused all this secondary fuss about no-follow and reviews lately but I think it’s time someone pointed out that Google is being extremely hypocritical about the entire thing and using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to corral web publishers to their way of thinking.

Does Adsense Hate Bloggers and Publishers?

The headline may sound a little harsh, but based on their recent Adsense policy updates as noted by Jensense, it’s the conclusion that has to be made.

Roundup: Digg Spam Policy

I wasn’t sure about posting about getting the nix from digg earlier this week, but apparently it was on many people’s minds.

Your Blog – Does it Have a Disclosure Policy?

With more pressures on bloggers to disclose their business relationships, Weblog Tools Collection points to a neat Wordpress plugin that helps bloggers set up their own disclosure policy.

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Communication Departments
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The Peppercom and Bulldog Reporter Business Blogging Survey conducted on 1,200 marketing industry executives from the United States and United Kingdom, revealed some startling disconnects in corporate communication policy on both sides of the pond…

Web 2.0 Policy Lacking in Corporate Communication

PR left holding the baby when things go wrong.

Are Information Exams the Next SATs?

The company that produces the Student Aptitude Test is developing a new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) exam that tests skills such as computer proficiency and search engine aptitude, and may soon be as relevant as the SAT itself.

Support For Service Pack 1 Ends

Windows XP Service Pack 1 has reached the end of its rope, at least in terms of official support.

Rocketboom’s Ad Policy Returns Power To People

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom fame may have sealed his position as an advertising visionary. His approach, detailed during a keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, had everyone buzzing. A $20,000 discount for likeable commercials? Disney should shoot for an audience of 10,000?

States Define Law Blogs As Advertising

Another indication that the law is struggling to keep up with technology in a useful way, proposed restrictions in New York could prevent lawyers from setting blogs about law.

Vuitton Bags Win In Google Case

Selling trademarks to competitors with AdWords may be a practice seeing its end of days at Google, as luxury brand Louis Vuitton declared victory after a French court ruling.