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Google Celebrates India’s 60th

Time zones aside, India achieved its independence exactly 60 years ago, and the country is now in the midst of numerous celebrations.  So is Google, for that matter; Orkut, YouTube, and various branches of the central company have all given their congratulations to India.

Facebook Addresses BNP Problem
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One week ago, six major corporations pulled their advertising from Facebook.  Then the British government followed suit.   Now the social networking site has introduced a solution that may bring them all back.

FCC Calls Google’s Bluff

If Google wants to see the winner of the 700MHz spectrum adhere to its four proposed openness conditions, Google will have to push its money into the pot. That isn’t going to happen.

Cisco Chides Google Over FCC Proposal
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Not that there’s a potential conflict of interest or anything, but Cisco, or at least Mary Brown, Cisco’s Director of Technology and Spectrum Policy, sounds insulted by Google’s attempt to strong arm the FCC into imposing a certain set of rules on the upcoming spectrum auction.

Google Extends Opt-Out Policy To CPA Testing

Google’s still testing the waters of its cost-per-action ad model, which charges advertisers only when a sale is made or a lead form is filled out. But as one publisher notes, the AdSense team is inserting CPA ads onto his blog, whether he wants them there or not.

Follow The Bouncing Google Boss

Do you want to know what Eric Schmidt did this summer? Public policy has been the name of the CEO’s game.

Google Unveils SketchUp Blog

Google SketchUp enthusiasts, rejoice!  An official blog for SketchUp is now up and running, and if the posts on it are any indication, this will not be one of Google’s sites that sit stagnant for a month (or more) at a time.

Ask to Put You in Control of Privacy with AskEraser
Ask.com is taking online privacy to a new level–by putting you in control of your privacy when searching on the internet.


Fear The Bots For Quality Score

Since Google added a new layer of complexity to the AdWords system this year in the form of Quality Score, not a lot has been published about how it works or why it does a certain thing.

Flickr Criticized For Regional Censorship

Yahoo’s Flickr is the latest target of criticism after restricting access to erotic art photos in Hong Kong. Though Internet companies self-censoring in certain countries is not a new dilemma, this incident coincides with a blogger that faces fines for just linking to offending material.

AOL Settles With States On Cancellation Policy

AOL has reached a settlement with 48 states and the District of Columbia over their confusing cancellation policy.

Google To Ban Ephedra Ads

Google’s crackin’ down – some AdWords users have received an email stating that the company will soon forbid any advertisements related to the drug ephedra.

Google Undecided On Joining Wireless Auction

With a nationwide transition to digital television slowly taking place, Google may be interested in participating in the federal auction of the 700MHz wireless bands.

Google Public Policy Blog Touches On Carhenge

Google’s Public Policy Blog has been home to discussions about censorship, net neutrality, and national security.  Now it’s promoting Carhenge, Nebraska’s “whimsical recreation” of England’s famous stone ruins.  Ah, well.  “All work and no play . . .”

Google: Censorship Is A Trade Barrier

There’s something about this topic that is unsettling – the deal seems nearly devilish, beneficial and somewhat horrifying at the same time. Google’s latest plea to the US and EU governments to help fight censorship centers on the economics, not the political morality, of censorship.

Google Publicizes Public Policy Blog

After starting out on an internal-only basis, the Google Public Policy blog has been opened for public consumption and commentary.

Google Unveils Public Policy Blog

With the new Google Public Policy Blog, transparency’s the name of the game; Googlers will explain the company’s position on issues that could affect us all.

Google Reduces Data Retention Policy To 18 Months

Google’s Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer appears to be a master of textual undercurrents (what the reader understands as "between the lines"), responding to Privacy International’s recent condemnation of the company’s privacy policies without mentioning the group itself.

Changes Afoot With AdSense Policies

People returning to their feedreaders after the SMX conference and elsewhere found new AdSense policy changes awaiting them.

EU Investigates Google’s Privacy Rules

Google’s policy of retaining user information for up to two years, has become the center of an investigation by an EU panel, according to the AP.

Google Ad Policy Cracks Down On Plagiarism

Advertisements for weapons, drugs, and prostitutes have been banned from Google.  All right, fair enough.  But now advertisements for essay-writing services will also be forbidden, and while more than a few people have raised their eyebrows, others have cheered.

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