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Bots Take The Fun Out Of Online Poker
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The government doesn’t need to kill online poker. Bots will do it for them. Feel like chancing your money with an arithmetic machine? Neither does anybody else.

Stars Of Poker Lobby Washington To Play Online

A group of about 100 people arrived in Washington this week to lobby for the legalization of online poker.  And considering that many of the 100 people are among America’s top poker players, it wouldn’t be wise to bet against them.

Go Figure: A Yahoo Partner Googled Me

Last week, I wrote an article about the new Yahoo Poker site, and while researching it, I sent an inquiry to yahoopoker at pokerresponse.com (the address provided by the “Contact Us” page).  The next day, a reply directed me to a certain Yahoo employee.  But the email had passed through several people’s hands, and one individual had – in his own words – “googled” me.

Go Figure: A Yahoo Partner Googled Me
Go Figure: A Yahoo Partner Googled Me
Go Figure: A Yahoo Partner Googled Me

All Bets Are Off – Yahoo Gets Into Online Poker
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Online poker has (deservedly or not) gotten a bad reputation, and it’s actually illegal in the U.S.  It came as a bit of a surprise, then, when Yahoo launched a new site called Yahoo Poker.  The site’s not for kiddies, and it’s not a joke; players will use real money.

Nielsen: Brits Addicted To Online Poker

The British are betting. They’re betting a lot, says Nielsen//NetRatings. Measuring British use of online applications, the analytics company credited broadband for the rise of “addictive” activities. Online poker was the application of choice.

Using the API for the W3C HTML Validator
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The W3C has introduced an API for their HTML Validator.

Vista vs. Leopard Poker Showdown

So Apple has given us a taste of Leopard while almost certainly withholding some features to hit Microsoft with later this year or early next.

HINCity Revs Up Social Networking

It’s MySpace for cars and hotties. Wait, what did they say it was? Oh, “a new media channel and social-networking community geared toward the fast growing automotive scene while incorporating other youth lifestyle elements like music and fasion.” Right, MySpace for cars and hotties.

Searching For Love In Britney’s Poker Room

Where do broken hearts go? Can they find their way home; back to the open screen of a chat room waiting there? And if somebody searches, what are they searching for? They look at the query bar, and know a poker game is there somewhere My apologies to Whitney. Wait. After that reality show with Bobby, she should apologize to us.

Poker Players Folding on PartyGaming?

PartyGaming, the largest online gaming group in the world, has suffered a 33% tumble in its stock after the company made comments suggesting a slow-down in customer growth.

Online Poker Radio Goes Major League
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Major League Poker marries digital radio with the World Series of Poker to complement the online poker-playing experience.

Google Using Ajax

In today’s WSJ, Lee Gomes looks at Google’s expanding use of various technologies known as Ajax.

Blog Posting Frequency: How Often?

Blog posting frequency is one of the most frequently asked blog questions. How often should a blogger post to a blog is a question that has an ambiguous answer.