Pogo Articles

John Wayne Gacy Probe Solves Cold Case

The disappearance of Edward Beaudion, a 22-year-old Chicago man who went missing in 1978, had been a cold case for decades, until his remains were finally identified via DNA that was collected to establish potential victims of notorious serial killer …

Extreme Pogo Is Pretty Flippin’ Cool [VIDEO]

Extreme Pogo, or Xpogo, is a relatively new extreme sport that involves performing feats on extreme pogo sticks. What makes them extreme is their ability to throw their riders to impressive heights, around 10ft or so. You may have never …

This Pulp Fiction Remix Asks You To Say What Again

You know when you hear something and just immediately know that it’s not only going to blow up on a viral scale, but wind up in rotation on some sort of user-supported radio as well as at some club that’s …

AT&T New Browser – Pogo

AT&T stepped into the online realm last year with the purchase of ingenio, and now they have launched their very own browser called Pogo, now in invitation only beta. TechCrunch has invitations for this limited beta.

Essentially, it looks and acts a lot like Firefox. Here are a few screenshots from the new browser: