PodZinger Now EveryZing

PodZinger Now EveryZing

By Mike Sachoff June 12, 2007

PodZinger, a multimedia search and advertising platform is expanding its services and re-launching the company as EveryZing.

PodZinger’s Free Opt-In Ad Prog. For Podcasters

Audio and video search engine and online advertising network PodZinger announced the launch of its advertising platform with free opt-in for podcasters. PodZinger uses a speech recognition technology to identify audio and video content, produce text for it, and place relevant advertising.

Podzinger to Start Showing Targeted Ads

Podzinger is launching a new ad service that will show video ads based on search queries entered and the content being viewed, reports ClickZ.

PodZinger, TED, And Alex Laats

The TEDTalks series featuring talks by Al Gore, David Pogue, Tony Robbins, and others at the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference can be searched for words and phrases with the help of PodZinger’s video search technology.

Rocketboom Finds PodZinger For Search

The popular Rocketboom video blog reached a point where it needed a more robust search feature, and partnered with PodZinger to fulfill that function.

Podzinger “Searches” Video Podcasts

Podzinger today said they are now able to search both audio and video podcasts.

PodZinger Debuts Video Podcast Search

The podcast search engine just added video podcast search to its existing full-text podcast search service online.

Podzinger Voice Recognition / Daily Roundup

Haven’t test-driven it yet, but reviewing product features, it looks like PodZinger’s ability to use voice recognition to help users search for podcasts is state of the art.

Podcast Audio Search Has Arrived

I just got an email from Neville letting me know he had submitted our podcast, For Immediate Release, to Podzinger.