PodTech Articles

Microsofts Opportunity After Robert Scoble

Some of the blogosphere commentary following Robert Scoble’s news that he is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech in July is on who will be the next Scoble at Microsoft.

Scoble Not the Only One Going to PodTech

Maryam, this afternoon, will announce the other news we’ve been holding back on: she’s joining PodTech too.

PodTech Debuts PodSummit

The good folks at PodTech continue to grow their InfoTalk Network.

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

$5.5m for Podcast Venture

Podcasting as a viable business venture takes another mainstream step with news that PodTech Network has received $5.5 million in venture capital funding from Venrock Associates, US Venture Partners, and Silicon Valley angel investors.

PodTech Podcast Content Now Includes Cash

Two venture capital firms invested $5.5 million in PodTech.net, a small firm known on the West Coast for its technology-based podcasts; the move could outline a business model for other podcasters.

Podtech Gets Intels CEO on Podcast

John Furrier continues to rock and roll the podcasting world.