The (One-Sided) Anatomy Of A Startup Failure

The (One-Sided) Anatomy Of A Startup Failure

By WebProNews Staff July 18, 2008 | 5 Comments

PodTech.net had a lot of buzz around it primarily because blogger Robert Scoble left the sturdy walls of Microsoft to be a part of it. There were others with nice pedigrees, too, and $7.5 million in VC funding spelled sure success.

It must not have spelled it in English, though. This week, PodTech sold to ViewPartner, a company that doesn’t even seem to have a website, for under $500,000, or enough to purchase a one-bedroom condo in San Francisco.

PodTech Changes

It’s interesting being part of a small company, PodTech, and watching and helping that company change direction. Yesterday we made some moves that are getting attention in the news. I wish Irina all the best.

I know I’m a bit opaque about what’s going on at PodTech. Not really very transparent of me, I know. But we’re becoming a more focused company and that leads to a whole range of things that I can’t yet share.

Making the Most of Video

Varying the format, just notes from the discussion on Video with Robert Scoble of Podtech and hosted by Howard Greenstein. It was supposed to be on the future of video, as well as revenue sources and programming and turned into a discussion on copyrights and the Internet and distribution model.

Live Blogging – A Next Step

The kerfuffle over live blogging isn’t likely to subside any time soon, given the growing popularity of live online communication. Add audio and video to the mix and the people who hold live blogging in disdain are likely to go apopleptic.

Convergence of Search and Social Media Marketing
I know that Jordan already linked to my Podtech interview with Jennifer Jones, but social media guru (and blogging buddy) Jeremiah Owyang asked if I would embed the Podtech flash player and also posed four tough questions for me to answer.

The Future of Video – Now

We are in PR. We know the medium is the message, and people love videos. PR has used video news releases and satellite media tours to great results – I always had great returns on SMTs, and think that they were great hits for the clients. But, we ran into some problems there, didn’t we.

Update on 1000 CES Shots

Well I’m beginning to seriously think I will not make my goal of a 1,000 photos of CES while here.

Getting 1,000 Shots of CES?

Well I think my goal of getting 1,000 shots of CES up online before heading back home to San Francisco may be tougher than I thought.

Giving Web 2.0 A Dash of Personality

When it comes to researching topics and reporting breaking news in the Web 2.0 world, one has to be careful to avoid falling into the trap of monotony. Sometimes, the news isn’t all that exciting, but it’s often the people associated with the story that makes all the difference.

Tech World is Hopping

Whew, look at TechMeme today and you’ll see we’re on an upswing in the news cycle.

Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

YouTube’s Huge Marketing Success

Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices was hanging out with me and told me about this story.

Marbles Lost, Blender Co. Mixes Up YouTube

If anyone doubted the wild, wonderful things a marketer can do with a phenomenon like YouTube, they can suspend that disbelief by turning to Blendtec. A $50 demonstration of sheer blending power attracted six million viewers in just five days.

Jeremiah Owyang Leaves Hitachi For Podtech

Congratulations to Jeremiah Owyang who’s announced he’s departing Hitachi Data Systems and joining forces with Robert Scoble at Podtech. His role?

Jason Calacanis Announces New Podcast

CalacanisCast, a weekly media, tech, finance podcast will launch in November as part of the PodTech network. The show’s sponsorships, thus far totaling $100,000, will be donated to Bay Ridge Preparatory School to provide private schooling for underprivileged children.

Entrepreneurial Second Life

For the first time in quite a few weeks, I checked in to Second Life today and spent a half hour visiting a few places of interest (including CC Chapman’s digs – nice development).

Podtech Arrival, New Rocketboom

We were speeding down freeway 280 on the way to PodTech’s offices when the phone rang.