Podshow Articles

Podshow Network Launches in UK

Adam Curry’s Podshow Network has opened for business in the UK in a partnership with BT.

Entrepreneurial Second Life

For the first time in quite a few weeks, I checked in to Second Life today and spent a half hour visiting a few places of interest (including CC Chapman’s digs – nice development).

We Need Auditing

In traditional media an entire industry rose out of advertisers’ need to audit emerging formats.

Where’s the Network?

Podshow, the podcasting service from Adam Curry and Ron Bloom, issued a press release today announcing the launch of the Podcast Delivery Network (PDN).

PodShow Currys $8.8 Million Favor With VCs

A trio of venture capital firms have delivered a big cash infusion to Adam Curry’s PodShow Inc.

The Future of Radio Arrives

BBC News: DJs Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn are backing a new website offering radio shows for digital audio players.