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Apple’s Photocasting, Podcasting, Etc. Tools

Engadget is live blogging Steve Jobs’ keynote at Macworld.

Wheres Microsoft on Podcasting?

Paul Colligan asks what Microsoft has done about podcasting.

This Podcasting Dope is Addictive

News of what two big companies in entirely different industries are doing with audio as part of their communication is a great example of imaginative ways to use this communication medium.

BBC Getting into Blogging

The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, started a blog last week, called Nick Robinson’s Newslog.

Reflecting on Les Blogs 2.0

Worthwhile being there is how I’d sum up my experience of Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris on Monday and Tuesday.

Les Blogs 2.0 Kicks Off Today

The Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris formally starts today and runs until Tuesday evening.

Jarboe & Zawodny/RSS & Podcasting

Our publisher and CEO, Rich Ord, is spending quality time at the tables in Vegas, but he’s nowhere near the casinos. He’s listening to industry gurus Greg Jarboe and Jeremy Zawodny talk about making the most out of RSS and podcasts.

Radio Research Firm Predicts Podcasting Growth

Bridge Ratings, which conducts research focused on radio, sees a bright future for podcasting.

Live Podcasts at Portable Media Expo

I was searching Google and Technorati looking for podcasts that were live or recorded at the Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.

IBM Publishes Employee Podcasting Guidelines

Podcasting News reports that IBM has announced an internal initiative for employees to publish podcasts.

PR Newswire Launches Podcasting Services

PR Newswire and MultiVu have launched a new Entertainment Podcasting Package, according to an email that was widely circulated yesterday.

Podcasting At BlogOn

Last week at BlogOn I sat down for a podcast with Cameron Reilly from the Podcast Network

Stanford Embraced Podcasting

Stanford University has embraced podcasting in a big way. The University where Google’s founders hammered out their code has loaded more than 400 audio files into a special portal in the iTunes Music Store, accessible through a page on the University’s own website.

CBS Podcasting Survivor Live

CBS announced podcasts of audio from ’60 Minutes’, The Guiding Light’, and a Survivor: Guatemala show called Survivor Live’ via Apple’s iTunes.

eWeek Podcasting

Another mainstream medium starts podcasting – eWeek: eWEEK, the Enterprise Newsweekly, brings you a weekly roundup of the top stories from its latest issue.

Playgirl-TV Podcasting On Yahoo

On Tuesday, the female-oriented, adult entertainment channel Playgirl TV launched a podcast from their primary website. Playgirl’s sex educator, Jamye Waxman will produce a new “Sex Pod” once a week. It will be distributed from Yahoo’s newly formed podcast network.

iPod Nano Scratches Too Easy

iPod nano owners are raging against the machine on message board forums over how easily they scratch …

A Bright Future for UK Podcasting

A tremendous success – that’s my judgment of PodcastCon UK which took place in London on Saturday.

AOL Broadcasts New Podcast Features

AOL has announced Podcasting 101 and placed a list of popular ones within its AOL Music site.

Steve Jobs: “Podcasting Is Taking Off Like a Rocket.”

Steve Jobs’ introduction of Apple’s new Rokr and Nano is now available online. He reveals some interesting factoids on iTunes and iPods.

Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Marketers

With the growing popularity of podcasting, publishers and marketers around the world are asking themselves how to monetize this content channel.