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Podcasts and Blogs, Apples and Lemons

Nielsen Netratings issued a press release yesterday (PDF) with some interesting stats on podcasting in the US. Here’s how it starts:

Podcasts More Popular Than Blogging?

ClickZ has details of a misleading study conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings that suggests podcasts are more popular than blogging. Be sure to catch the subtleties in the study’s claims…

4th Third Thursday to Focus on Podcasting

Yep, you read that right. Our next Third Thursday meetup will be on the fourth Thursday of this month (July 27th).

Podcasting Inefficient?

Peter Davis says: “In the time I can listen to an average podcast, I could have caught up on my 50 favorite blogs, or read a chapter in a book, or read the latest issue of Red Herring magazine.”

Podcasting Included in Marketing Sherpa Blog Awards

Marketing Sherpa has extended their annual blog voting and awards to include podcasting this year.

Podcasting not a Good Name? Huh?

I see that Dave Winer and Seth Godin and Mark Ramsey are talking about the name “podcasting” again.

Podcasting Push to Mobile Networks

UK podcasting pioneers Neil Dixon and Adrian Pegg have launched LinkMedia to “spur the growth of podcast listeners by opening up accessible channels for independent podcasters to reach a wider audience.”

Building the Business Case for Podcasting

Eric Schwartzman has posted an excellent commentary of his address at the Syndicate conference in New York on how to build the business case for podcasting.

A Case For Podcasting Now

Here’s the choice: support a medium where a company could reach an audience where 100 percent of them have an interest in the company’s products, or keep tossing money into mediums where 98 percent of the audience sees the message as an intrusion.

Building A Brand With Podcasts

Speakers at a morning session at the Syndicate Conference discussed ways to use one form of syndication, the podcast, to build and enhance a brand name.

Podcasting Desktop Radio

Remember when desktop publishing was the next big thing? (Of course not, you’d have to be my age and remember when certain rock formations were born.)

The (Legal) Guide to Podcasting

New guidelines have become available for podcasters with the intent of helping them avoid legal woes. The Podcasting Legal Guide specifically addresses issues related to remixing audio clips that may or may not be the legal property of the podcaster.

Tips on Promoting Podcasts

Podcasting is a great new medium, but creating a podcast is only half of the work. Promoting a podcast is equally critical to its success.

Financial Firms Banking On Podcasts

Clients of some investment firms will soon have the opportunity to download podcasts of financial research for easy listening.

Is Podcasting Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Let me preface this post by saying I do love podcasting. I listen to and watch a lot of them.

Feedburner: Podcasts Growing at 15% a Month

In a report on podcasting, RSS feed management company FeedBurner say that their service is now managing just under 45,000 podcast feeds.

The State of the Podosphere

Feedburner says there are more than 1.6 million aggregate subscribers to FeedBurner-managed podcasts, and this number has more than doubled in the past six months.

Podcasting and SEO

About a month ago, Grant Crowell of Grantastic Designs posted an article at Search Engine Watch on SEO for podcasts, which pointed out how straightforward it would be.

Can You Hear the Opportunity?

As a continually evolving online marketplace continues to do just that, marketers are always looking for the next big thing. Those untapped markets that can help take them and their clients to the next level.

PodBop: Will Accelerate Podcasting’s Uptake

Two things will accelerate the uptake of podcasting. One is ease of use. The other is innovative podcasts to which people will want to subscribe.

Forrester Kills Podcasting

With their research showing podcast adoption in about one percent of online households, Forrester Research managed to trigger some commentary disputing that figure.