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Podcasting Could Resurrect Employee Comm

There were so many concepts, and so much information packed into Shel Holtz’ presentation on using podcasts for internal communication at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, that we’ll have to save the fanfare and just jump right into it.

Podcasting As An “Investor Relations Tool”

Podcasting is a fine way to communicate your personal thoughts and feelings on any subject. It can also be useful in the business world as an “investor relations tool.” A session at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo focused on this application.

7 Deadly Sins of Business Podcasts

Leesa Barnes, author of the book Jumpstart Your Podcast, is a veteran, if there can be one in the podcast world, of using the medium as a marketing vehicle.

Podcasting Search Engine The Good And The Not

It is much easier for search engines to index text blogs than podcasts or videoblogs. At present, search engines are using link text and the text surrounding the links to podcasts and videoblogs as a means to index their contents.

Cool Listening and Podcastings 3rd Anniversary

I was in the UK at the weekend to organize a couple of things re my move there next week.

What You Need To Know About WordPress Podcasts

WordPress is a blogging platform that has podcasting support. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program, very much like a radio program that is listened to on the computer.

Bloggers, Podcasters… Do NOT Buy This Book!

Why don’t I want you to buy this book? Because it contains the secrets to beating me at Technorati (and how to get Shelley Powers and Steve Gillmor to link to you on the same day! Although with Gillmor you really don’t want him to link to you, trust me on this).

Podcasters’ Guide To Avoiding Lawyers

Boston attorney Jeffrey P. Hermes asks the question: “Do podcasters know their legal obligations?” The answer to that is largely, well, probably, “no.” Though cases involving Internet content and properties are becoming more regular in the courtroom, the podcast is still virgin territory. Hermes believes that will change, and probably soon.

Apple marketing blogging and podcasting bigtime

Check out this picture or this one with Patrick that I just took in the San Francisco Apple store. They sure market blogging and podcasting big time.

Speedo Shows What Podcasting Can Do For Marketing

For a good example of how an organization listens to informal feedback to help them quickly understand the potential benefits of a new-media tool like podcasting, take a look at what swimwear brand Speedo is now doing.

Alltel Mobilizes Podcasts

Alltel Wireless will be the first in the US to combine podcasting and mobile phones, after inking a deal with podcast community Melodeo, Inc. Called Axcess Mobilcast service, subscribers will be able search and listen to podcasts on their mobiles for about $4 a month.

Podcast Tips and a Cool Resource for you Podcasters

Do you publish pocasts or are you searching for podcasts?

ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Day Two Roundup

Day two of ad:tech Chicago rounded up with a sigh. With all the parties Monday night, I think some of the attendees were looking forward to the end of the day.

Podcasting as Complementary Communication

Global swimwear brand Speedo has released the second podcast in the Speedo Make Waves series, featuring an interview with Amanda Beard, Olympic champion and FHM cover girl.

ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Day One Roundup

The first day here at ad:tech Chicago was pretty good. I covered 3 sessions over at Online Marketing Blog and at the ad:tech blog.

Schwartz Launches New Podcasting Service

Perusing my feeds the other day, I came across a press release from Schwartz Communications announcing the launch of a podcasting service.

Scoble Endorses New Podcasting Directory

I’m on vacation, the garage is almost clean, so time for some fun stuff. Oh, I am endorsing the reformed Podcasting Directory (Dave Winer has the details).

Community Podcast directory?

Dave Winer linked over to a Canadian podcast directory. That’s very cool.

How Podcasts Impact B2B Purchase Decisions

A key aspect of lead generation is to engage people as early in their buying process as possible, because that’s where you can make the biggest difference. Simply put, engage early and often.

Podcasting and Beach Bums

“Go, Beach Bums!” Alright, so they could have done better with the name, but last year when it was announced that the Frontier League, an independent professional baseball league, was granting Traverse City an expansion team, I was excited.

Nielsen’s Podcast Blog Comparison Not Helpful

Oh, Jon Watson over on the BizPodcasting blog you totally nailed it. What kind of horse manure is this to compare listeners to podcasts to authors of blogging? Lame beyond belief.