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Podcasting May Be Pod-Kaching In Five Years

Spending on podcast advertising, to reach a specific niche audience, could touch $400 million by 2011 after reaching $80 million in 2006.

Google To Spur Growth In Podcasting?

The proliferation of podcasting has been significantly slower than most analysts predicted when the medium burst onto the scene. Within the next two years, however, it is projected that the format will boom due to Google’s efforts in developing an advertising medium for the content platform.

Podcasting Trends of 2006

PodZinger has published the results of a study, revealing the top searches and trends on its site for 2006. The statistics showed that sports, talk personalities and world news topped audio search, while current events and pop culture accounted for the majority of online video searches.

Getting Started in Business Podcasting

Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the preferred platforms in which to distribute content to large numbers of individuals in short order. With the ability to reach such a massive audience, podcasting presents a unique and potentially explosive opportunity for businesses to market their products and services to an already plugged-in audience.

Record Labels Soften Stance on Podcasting

When Podcasting burst onto the scene in 2004, the music industry hardly embraced the format with open arms. Sony BMG, however, has decided to cross the invisible line of demarcation and license its content for podcasting purposes.

Google Does Podcasting

Google Base now has a podcast section, along with a special promo page asking podcasters to upload their casts to Base.

Quality Niche Content Websites

Niche websites:

Streaming Could Cure Podcasting Blues

Those figures from Pew about podcast listenership told a grim tale, with only one percent of those surveyed actually downloading one each day; the cure could be in the form of streaming, which your elders might call ‘broadcasting’ since it works the same way.

PodcastCon UK

Podcasting: the road ahead’ is a pretty good strapline for PodcastCon UK 2006, the one-day conference on UK podcasting that took place in London on Saturday.

Changing Majors? Give Podcasting a Try

Social media is rapidly climbing the ladder as a primary method in which news and information is communicated to the masses. Podcasting, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular among technology enthusiasts, industry insiders, and big-name companies.

Streaming Media Conference Video

The Streaming Media conference now has video of a lot of its sessions up.

IsiPhone The Holy Grail of Podcasting?

Reports this week of a deal between Apple Computer and Cingular, coupled with Apple’s new speech-recognition patent, have rekindled rumors of the company developing the much talked about iPhone. Would the advent of such a device herald a subsequent launch of wireless podcasting?

Serendipity and Podcasting

I experienced a bit of podcasting serendipity yesterday.

Kiptronic Bridges Sponsor-Podcaster Gap

Kiptronic CEO Jonathan Cobb has a history of balancing on the next big wave in audio. Cobb was one of the first to move radio to the Internet in 1996, only to create a geographically distributed real-time Internet radio station in 2000. And now there’s Kiptronic, a podcast sponsorship company you’re going to hear a lot more about.

Rocketbooming New Monetization Strategies

The most important takeaways from Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron’s keynote address at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo are that content providers should not only focus on a niche, but should also be audience-centric in their approach to content delivery and monetization.

LibSyn Provides The Podcaster Soapbox

Liberated Syndication is a service that, like many of the other companies at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, removes the barriers from entering into the podcasting or vlogging world – all the barriers, except, a podcaster’s own shyness. The guys that run the company are the antithesis of shy, and will even provide the soapbox on which to stand.

Ron Moore On Podcasting And Battlestar Galactica

The ballroom was standing room only at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, the crowd was electric waiting to hear from two of their idols; first TWiT host Leo Laporte, and topped off with the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, Ron Moore, who would speak of being called a “podcasting pioneer,” how it started and why he loves it.

The Unkeynote from the Podcasting Expo

It was my first time doing an “unkeynote.”

Podcasting Tips, Tricks For Viral Promotion
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It’s a rare podcaster who would turn down the chance to get new viewers, and most video bloggers are actively trying to expand their audiences.

Why and How To Podcast

Larry LaCost’s welcoming smile was the first to greet us when we arrived at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo. A year’s worth of podcasting is enough to make Larry a veteran in the industry, though he’s been in the news business for a lot longer than that.

“Fossilized Media” Should Take Up Podcasting

A number of print publications are taking up podcasting, and according to Marcus Chan, the multimedia editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, they’re wise to do so. Chan spoke openly about the trend at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California.