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Pluggd Picks Up $6 Million In Funding

The word “Intel” is powerful, “Labrador” reminds me of friendly dogs, and $6 million – well, you can’t go wrong with $6 million.  And let’s hope that Pluggd doesn’t, as it’s this company that just received $6 million in a round of funding.

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Perfected Plugg’d Podcast Search

Audio and visual search start-up Pluggd claims they have perfected their product. What does this mean for competing sites?

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Beach, Burritos, And Pluggd

Heheh, last night Chris Coulter, my son Patrick, and I filmed an episode of Beach Walks with Rox. Great burritos from Tres Amigos and a wonderful sunset at the local beach. Talking Mac’s and PCs.

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