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Flash Player 9 Released for Linux

Adobe announced the release of the Flash Player 9 for Linux.

Enjoy Full Screen Video with Flash Player 9

With the release of the new updates for Windows and Mac, besides fixing a bunch of bugs, Flash Player 9 will support Full Screen Mode on the web straight out of the browser. Adobe labs has the full details for you complete with Publish Template for Flash, Flex Builder and Sample Application.

Linux Flash Player Saga Continues

Adobe’s Mike Melanson has posted some more information about the lengthy delays in releasing a new version of Flash Player for Linux.

Media Player 11 DRM Terms Stricter

There’s some serious differences between the DRM terms between Windows Media Player 10 and 11. Most specifically, this section:

Opera To Resell Flash Player 7 SDK

Opera Software said yesterday it is adding support for Adobe’s Macromedia Flash Player 7 SDK in Opera for Devices SDK.

Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2 Released

Windows XP users, download and enjoy beta 2 of Windows Media Player 11, just released by Microsoft.

Google Audio Player Comes To Light

Google has entered a new market yet again, although the company isn’t doing its own press on this one. Intrepid bloggers found, while exploring Gmail, that there is a new feature present – an MP3 player. This is probably not going to replace any other player you use, but it’s a nice bonus.

Flash Player 9 Heading To Linux

Development continues at Adobe to bring the latest version of its Flash Player to the Linux operating system platform.

Microsoft Portable Media Player Rumors

Engadget has more on the rumored Microsoft portable media player. The reactions in the comment area on Engadget are pretty interesting.

Flash Player Receives Update

After Fortinet called attention to two security flaws in Flash Player, Adobe has released an updated, fixed version. The new release will take users from the vulnerable v8.0.24.0 up to v9.0.16.0.

Flash Player 9, Flex 2, Released

Adobe released the final version of Flash Player 9 earlier this week, as well as Flex 2. This signals a continuation of the spread of Flash, which Adobe is promoting heavily for use in next-generation Web applications. It has already been implemented in a number of services, including some owned by Yahoo and Google.

Google Ships Video Mac Player
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The universal binary provided by Google for the Mac version of its video player means it will run on both the PowerPC and Intel-based Mac computers.

Microsoft’s Patch For Flash Player Flops

Microsoft made a step this week towards working cooperatively with other applications, but it resulted in a decidedly less than a positive outcome. A patch for the Adobe Flash Player, offered through the Windows Update service, seems to create more problems than it resolves.

Media Player 11 Expected This June

CNet reports that the Windows XP version of Windows Media Player 11 is scheduled to arrive as early as this June, a bit of a surprise.

Microsofts Criteria For A (non-iPod) Portable Player

Microsoft has released a guide for picking the right portable audio player, focusing on ten criteria:

VMware’s Threat to Microsoft

First off, I’m not suggesting VMware is gunning for Microsoft. However, recent developments in their product line aren’t exactly favorable to Microsoft.

GNU Flash Player, Gnash, In The Works

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) announced earlier this month the addition of Gnash, a new open source Flash movie player and Firefox plugin, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). “Open source” indicates that developers can build on top of earlier software to add features or tweak the old ones.

Microsoft to abandon Mac player?

Anona just brought this to my attention over on CNET: Microsoft to stop developing Macintosh version of its Media Player.

Google Video Player Leaves The Pack

After an obsessively covered keynote address by Google co-founder Larry Page, Google unveiled its one-stop software offering, Google Pack; shortly thereafter, one piece of software vanished from the download page.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Who Cares About Windows XP N?

CNET News: A major U.K. retail store and three of the largest PC vendors worldwide still have no plans to sell the version of Microsoft Windows that does not contain its media player, five months after the version was released.