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Now This is Transparency

Last week, I wrote about Plaxo. You know, the impersonal emails you get from people asking you to update your contact info.

If This Means No More Plaxo Emails, Great

One of my (few) pet peeves is getting emails from people with the canned Plaxo message.

Opportunities 2006 – Usefulness

2006 is going to be a year where the creators of web technology have the opportunity to make their services better in terms of integration, usability, and usefulness.

AOL Launches AIM Triton Service

The full release client arrives with instant messaging, email, SMS, voice, and video chat options, and includes access to the company’s VoIP service, TotalTalk.

Terminated Google Blogger Now Simply Fired

Mark Jen, who ran afoul of Google’s policies on posting internal information and was terminated in January, encourages others to tell their fired stories and compete for a cruise.

AIM E-mail Worth A Million

AOL’s debut of free 2GB e-mail boxes for its AIM client users has grown to a million active accounts in five weeks.

Policies Compared: Today’s Corporate Blogging Rules

On four points, all of the eight most well-known corporate blogging policies agree — corporate bloggers are personally responsible and they should abide by existing rules, keep secrets and be nice. Those four principles are the core of today’s corporate blogging rules.

The Blogger Google Fired Gets Hired

According to InformationWeek, Mark Jen, the guy who only lasted a few weeks after a controversy over blogging at Google, has landed an engineering job at Plaxo, the company that helps people keep up-to-date contact lists.

Stata Labs Purchased By Yahoo

Ensuring that the battle for email supremacy continues, Stata Labs, makers of searchable email client Bloomba, has announced that Yahoo has purchased their company.

Plaxo Contacts To Feature Yahoo Search

Contact management software creator Plaxo has announced that their newest version of their Contacts software, 2.0, will feature Yahoo Search capabilities. The software integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Yahoo Search will be the first search utility to be featured in a Microsoft email client. Plaxo Contacts 2.0 is due out in May 2004.