Data Portability Workgroup: WPN Takes Inside Look

Data Portability Workgroup: WPN Takes Inside Look

By Abby Johnson January 24, 2008

Since social networks are incredibly popular and since users are generally members of more than one social network, it would be convenient to transfer your data and pictures from one profile to another.

The Data Portability Issue Isn’t Going Away

So Robert Scoble has his account suspended by Facebook for using an automated script to harvest his contacts and their email addresses (see my previous post), and all hell breaks loose.

Scoble, whose account is later reinstated, is denounced for being a publicity-seeking limelight hog, and for using a script from Plaxo that is an egregious breach of Facebook’s terms of use (since it uses optical character recognition to grab email addresses, which the site keeps as image files).

Terms of Use – What Envelopes are Being Pushed?
Quite a major kerfuffle has developed in the past 24 hours over Facebook booting Robert Scoble out of the social network.

Facebook sent him an email that accused him of running an automated script which is in violation of Facebook’s terms of use.

Scoble Was Testing Plaxo Pulse Feature

OK, so I’ve been released from my NDA. I was alpha testing an upcoming feature of Plaxo Pulse — this feature has not yet been released and now that my account has gotten shut down it’s not clear whether it will be released. It is a Facebook importer that works just like any other address book importer.

What does it collect?

Names and email address and birthday.

Why those? Because it’s trying to connect Facebook names with names in its database.

Plaxo Interested In Selling Itself

We’re in a quiet time of year – not much happens during the holiday season or for a short period afterwards.  Plaxo is reportedly trying to sell itself, though, and discussions about the company’s reputation and its asking price have stirred things up a bit.

Social Networks and the Importance of Trust
2008 will be the year of business networking, says Bernard Lunn, who offers six predictions about some of the social networks that are getting a lot of attention at the moment – Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Plaxo.

Plaxo Gives Thanks For OpenSocial

Google’s OpenSocial has been both laughed at and fawned over as people have debated if it has any value.  The discussion will, by and large, continue, but the people at Plaxo have already decided that OpenSocial is extremely good.

Social Media Thanksgiving List

In the spirit of the season – we’ve compiled a few things we are thankful for around here at Ignite.

Understanding the Social Media Landscape

My first session of BlogWorld was Chris Heuer and Marshall Kirkpatrick presenting "Understanding the Social Media Landscape."

Social media Web sites are places where people, businesses and organizations can connect with each other. Chris described some of the tenets of social media:

Plaxo’s Naked Social Networking

Yes it’s true. Contact management service Plaxo wants to strip down and reveal all for its new Pulse social networking aggregator.

Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

Plaxo’s Pulse To Get Going On Monday
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Plaxo is launching a new social network, dubbed “Pulse,” and it should offer a number of interesting features; indeed, a couple of them will address flaws in Facebook’s setup.  Yet despite this – and the preliminary support of several notable figures – many onlookers doubt that Pulse can do well.

An Open/Controllable Social Network?

Well, I’ve been taking a lot of shots in the past few weeks for always covering the latest shiny social object. You know, first it was Twitter. Then Jaiku. Then Facebook. Pownce. On and on.

Jaiku/Twitter/Facebook/Kyte/Plaxo – Pay Attention!

I’ve really been bitten by the Facebook/Twitter/Kyte/Jaiku bug. Stephanie Booth, everyone’s favorite Swiss blogger, met me tonight at the Jaiku party (that’s Jaiku’s PR guy, Neil Vineberg holding the Jaiku poster) and said I had to add Dopplr to my bag of tricks (it keeps track of where you, and your friends, are).

Comcast Taps Zimbra, Plaxo For SmartZone
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Comcast.net’s online communications center called SmartZone will have applications provided by a number of companies for email, voicemail, and instant messaging.

Plaxo Makes Deal, Gets Sued

The deal will pair Jajah’s calling service with Plaxo’s smart address book to add a convenient VoIP option called Plaxo Click to Call; Plaxo also found itself accused of patent infringement by another website.

Plaxo Puts HipCal In Its Pocket

In need of a stronger online calendar solution to go with its address book products, Plaxo has acquired privately held HipCal and will move that team to its Mountain View HQ.