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“Godzilla” Platypus Discovered in Australia

A duck bill, webbed feet, beaver tail, poisonous spurs, and egg-laying – all perfect ingredients for a 6 year-old’s diabolical creature creation. However, this animal really does exist in nature – the platypus. This chimeric animal has been the subject of scientific studies for many years. Due to its unique characteristics and nocturnal nature, much is still not known about …

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Don’t Hold Your Breath For GDrive

From purely a connotative language standpoint, "indexing the world’s information" sounds less ominous than the goal of caching "100% of user data." Even so, the long-rumored GDrive may never surface to store all of it.

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GDrive Spotted Again

The inadvertently revealed storage service from Google known as GDrive has been leaked online, under the code name “Platypus.”

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