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Google Not Planning To Unwire The World

Apparently all those reports about Google preparing to unleash an expansive wireless broadband network are simply fanciful dreams in the minds of columnists; Google says it just wants to unwire its headquarters city, Mountain View.

Planning and Networking Key to Marketing Success
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The searchable universe has expanded enormously over the past year. From the doubling or tripling of the size of search engine indexes to the evolution of several engines with unique focuses, the amount of data accessible by search engine users has grown faster this year than any other since the dawn of the public, commercial Internet.

Viruses and Unix

I was in a meeting last week where a customer was exploring switching from a Unix platform to Windows.

Lycos Planning Video Support For Blogs

Users of a new service called Lycos Planet will be able to blog and upload images and video along with their posts.

In Business Planning, Competition is Good
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When developing the competition section of your business plan, companies must define competition correctly, select the appropriate competitors to analyze, and explain its competitive advantages.

Intro To Project Management for Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest benefits of projects in an organisational context is their ability and effectiveness in the achievement of goals.

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment

Vendor Managed Inventory. Electronic Data Interchange. Online Inventory Management.

Small Business Planning — Three Myths

Are you — like 70 percent of small business owners — working without a plan? Here are three myths that need to be dispelled about strategic planning for small business.

Microsoft Planning To Take Over Claria?

“Microsoft is reportedly eyeing yet another acquisition, but this buyout may prove to be a lot more controversial.

NASA Safety Planning Misses On Three Issues

The space agency was expected to fall short on its safety checklist, but Discovery will fly anyway.

Why You Need a Business Planning System NOT a Business Plan

When someone mentions business planning we have been conditioned to think about writing a business plan.

Google Planning Online Payment Service
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The search engine company has plans to establish an online payment service similar to PayPal.

Guest blogging: Higher profile

Guest blogging.
It’s definitely something you should consider doing as a blogger.
If you have a blog, having occasional guest bloggers appear on your own blog, is often a good idea as well.

Who Do You Want To Be Today? – HP and Microsoft Planning Identity Systems Dominance

Dennis Miller once said that “Bill Gates is a monocle and a Persian cat away from being a bad guy in a James Bond movie.” Last week, Hewlett-Packard announced that it, along with Gates’ Microsoft, is getting set to make a push into yet another market currently dominated by small niche players and Unix-based software platforms — identity management systems at the national level.

GM and Ford Get Ratings Lowered By S&P

Standard & Poor’s lowered its ratings on General Motors and Ford debts to “junk” status.

Disney Restructures Strategic Planning Division

Michael D. Eisner, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, and Robert A. Iger, president and COO and CEO-elect, announced a restructuring of the company’s Corporate Strategic Planning Division.

Business Planning for College Students and First-Time Entrepreneurs

More and more students, both in undergraduate and graduate institutions, are deciding to launch their own ventures upon graduation rather than taking the traditional route of working for another firm. Likewise, more and more individuals are leaving their jobs to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

A Worthy Checklist For Presentation Planning

Seth Levine, a Principal at Mobius Venture Capital in the US, posted a handy guide on putting together an effective presentation when you’re calling on VCs to pitch your wares.

Statistical Model For Planning Search Engine Ranking and Clickthru

Internet marketing agency Portent Interactive has published their statistical model for planning search engine ranking and clickthru.

Auditing Improves Effective Planning

Speak of operations assessment, and we’ll hear its significant value. Speak of an audit, and we’ll run for the nearest emergency exit. There’s no difference between the two, yet that word audit chills us. But is an audit really designed to help us or hurt us?

Planning For Your Website’s Future- Get Search Engine Traffic

Five tips to effectively schedule your content.

In order to get traffic on your site you need content. It’s that simple the more content you have the longer visitors stay at your site and the more free search engine visitors you receive. So should you just find out what content your visitors like and publish it? No!