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Planetary Resources Shows Off Some New Asteroid Mining Tech

Remember Planetary Resources? It’s the startup funded by the Google co-founders, James Cameron and others. The company’s goal is to send mining robots into space and collect valuable minerals and elements from the numerous asteroids that fly around our solar system. Now, it’s been a while since the company has last updated the public on what it’s doing, but a …

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Jon Stewart Weighs in on Planetary Resources

Last week we told you about how James Cameron and some Google founders were going to announce an new space exploration project called “Planetary Resources“. At the time no one knew exactly what the new company would be doing but there was a lot of speculation that it was going to be an astroid mining project. As the April 24th …

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Google Founders Investing in Asteroid Mining?

A lot of top-dollar investors have announced their backing of the new company Planetary Resources. The company will consist of former astronauts and venture capitalists who plan to officially announce the company’s existence on Tuesday. Peter H. Diamandis, M.D.; commercial space entrepreneur Eric Anderson; former NASA Mars mission manager Chris Lewicki; and planetary scientist & veteran NASA astronaut Tom Jones, …

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